Program for February 11, 2013: Business Strategic Plan International Efforts in India and China

Invocation: Jessica Wittman

Guests on February 4, 2013 :  Potential new members Diana Broderson, Muscatine Community Y, Janet Morrow, Muscatine The Magazine Publisher, 3.0 Students Joel Murdock and Trevor Reynolds. 

Happy News: Harvey Allbee is happy that the Muskie Swim Team is competing again for the 3rd year in a row for State Champs!! Tony Joseph is pleased that we have a lot of upcoming events with the Chinese.  February 13, 2013 Reception at the Muscatine History and Industry Center, February 27, signing of Student Exchange group with China, Sister City group visiting us in March and  an American Chinese Artist exhibit at the Muscatine Art Center.  There will also be a free class at MCC for those interested in learning about Chinese Culture led by a Musco Representative. See Bob Allbee to sign up. Steve Jameson is very proud of the Muskie Show Choirs and also that his alma mater the University of Minnesota beat the Hawkeyes! Jerry Rhoads is so proud of the staff at All American Care because they are meeting their goals of returning patients to their homes.  Mary Odell also happy.. told us that we have been notified that we are now a Blue Zone Demonstration Site!!  We have much to be happy and proud of!!

Program: Steve Jameson introduced the day's speakers on the topic of STEM... Alec Scranton and Kate Metcalf.  Alec discussed the myriad of strategies and programs that the University of Iowa is working with to develop young engineers.   Curriculum and courses are developed across many areas and have much rigor.  Their vision is to prepare and educate engineers to be successful in dynamic and global careers.  Areas of engineering include: Biomedical, Chemistry, Civil and Environmental, Computer and Industrial.  A couple of key areas are communication and global awareness.  This is done through a variety of projects and collaborative groups including collaboration with Engineers without Borders, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Educating the Creative Engineer, through real world design.  Alec mentioned the Grand Challenges  Scholars Program which provides scholarships to students in engineering. He mentioned Stanley Consultants support and involvement.   STEM in many instances is outreach for K-12.   This includes Project Lead the Way, Lego League and Tech Challenges.  There are now camps for 1st grade students to make them think in a design paradigm.