Program for  February 10, 2014: Erika Kate Alliance with Mary Hopkins

Invocation by: Shelley Sides

Guests: Taylor Bishop, Megan Harris, Emily Hanssen, Jessica Carlson, Priscilla Cisneros, Karey Hawkins, Lucas Jacobs, Doug Peterson, and potential new members Wayne Merrell and Rachel Riley Smock.

Rotary News: Keith told the club about the exciting news that President Elect Gary Huang will be coming on February 17, 2014 to our meeting and asked us to sign up indicating our intent to attend or not.   Keith also noted that Bob Danner is collecting used instruments to be provided to students in instrumental programs within the school district.  Chris Steinbach invited us to MCSA's open house on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. He also introduced Rachel Riley Smock and noted that the Women's Shelter Program has now found a new home at MCSA.

Happy News:  Marv Krieger expressed his sincere condolences for the community's and Rotary's loss of Shirley Drake. Harvey Albee also expressed his condolences at the death of Shirley Jean Drake. He was also proud of the Hawkeyes and pleased to have heard the St. Olaf Band on Sunday!  Lucas Jacobs was happy to enjoy snowboarding!! Jessica Wittman is proud to note that she and Nick Oswald will be appearing in Jesus Christ Superstar together. Tickets are available at the Coralville Center for Performing Arts.

Rotary Program: Wayne Merrill and Katie Watson introduced the new Engineering Technology Program at MCC to us! Eastern Iowa Community College District has received a 2.5 million grant to develop this curriculum program.  The coursework includes exactly what manufacturers in our community are looking for.  Including the following: manufacturing, process development, quality safety, understand how a plant works, helping all manufacturing areas including engineers, plant maintanance and human resources.  The individual being sought for this coursework is someone out of high school, someone in the current workplace who is a creative person, out of the box thinker and in the box thinker.    Coursework is continuous and is online and always available 24/7.  Starting salary is $39-60,000. Wayne indicated that the need is immediate and that 60 persons could be placed immediately with a starting wage minimally of $25 per hour.