Program for December 2, 2013: Rotary Exchange Students Cara Hahn and Emma Smith

Invocation by: Jim Nepple

Guests: 3.0 Seniors including: Dustin Reichert, Alexandra Limon, Dawson Jones and Karey Hawkins. Mary Jo Stanley guest of Richard Stanley.

Happy News: Keith Porter is happy that two of his children are home from college this week!! David Stanley told us all to put a $1 on the table for Iowa or Iowa State for significant victories this past weekend over Michigan and Kansas!! Keith thanked Todd Poci for organizing the Rotary Dictionary Project  and reminded us of the Rotary Youth Leadership Program scheduled for our meeting on December 9th!!

Rotary Program: Melanie Alexander introduced the program and speaker, Sean O'Harrow the Director of the University of Iowa Museum of Art.  Sean told us about the process and progress for rebuilding the Art Museum on campus and explained the FEMA regulations.   The new museum will be a public private partnership which will enable the Museum to be a 21st Century building! After 5 different attempts this strategy seems to be the most viable.  He also spoke to the Getty Project which is enabling the Jackson Pollock painting to be refurbished. The painting will be on view in California with an anticipated 400,000 persons viewing it.  The final topic Sean spoke to was making the University's Art Collection available to the public through various museums in the state. Any accredited museum can borrow works to display locally.  146,000 persons have seen various pieces all over the state of Iowa this past year!!