Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Jun 18, 2018
Program for June 25, 2018:   Club Meeting
Induction ceremony for Jennifer Stahle and Steven Bradford. 
Happy News Erika Cox was happy to spend father's day with her father and her father in-law.  Melanie Alexander announced the Ice Cream social at the Art Museum on June 24th and reminded everyone to fill out the Dick and Mary Jo Stanley pledge card.  Holly Thomas-Koehler announced the success of the Health and Safety day.  There was a great turnout.   Mike Ruby announced that after June 30 he will no longer be our District Governor.  And to keep a look out in our mailboxes for the new District 6000 News.   Diana Gradert was happy to be back from visiting her grand daughter in Florida.  Megan Francis is happy that Thursday is summer and is also Alzheimer day of awareness.  There will be activities at Sunny Brook all day.    Jessica Wittman is happy that she moved into her new condo.  John Schwandke said that he is happy to be visiting Muscatine.  He started out as a Rotarian in Washington, IA then Muscatine, IA  and now Sanibel Island, FL. 
Visitors:  John and Darlene Schwandke were visiting from Rotary Club in Sanibel Island, FL.  Libby Goodman - our Assistant District Governor was also a visitor. 
Rotary Moment:  Scott Ingstad's first Rotary Club was in Harrisonville, MO.  He was amazed that Rotaries main cause was to end polio.  He thought that was a pretty big goal.  BUT - there are now only 3 countries in the world with new cases of polio.  In 2016 only 37 cases worldwide - that is a 99.9% reduction since 1980!!
Program:    Our program was Professional Development.  Our members are at various stages of their career progression, and the tables asked questions of each other and shared their thoughts.  The following was shared with the club after:  Jessica Wittman shared that she learned that you need to "listen and hear".  Also that "everyone matters, no one job is better than another."  Paul Fitzpatrick shared "don't ask people to do what you would not do yourself."
Our next meeting is on June 25, 2018.