Program for August 4, 2014:  Muscatine's Entrepreneur Center - Jim Elias

Invocation:  Jessica Wittman

Rotary Guests today were: Bobby Fiedler guest of Pam Collins and Rick Gosney's son!! Cristian Lopez, Captain of the Salvation Army was read as a new member for the second time.

Happy News: Chris Steinbach was proud of Team MCSA for having a great ride on Ragbrai.  Janet Morrow, as well , was happy that the ride was a good one for Team MCSA. Marv Krieger encouraged participation in the nomination process for the MHS Hall of Honor.  See Mike McGrory or Jerry Riibe with requests!! Ron Yohe encourages us to look at his website to hear about Rotary. Rich Dwyer had a great Ragbrai week shared with his two sons! Diana Gradert enjoyed her cousins here from Colorado and Florida!! Jim Nepple enjoyed Ragbrai with his son and family from Santiago, Chile. Sarah Lande enjoyed a trip to Prague with her granddaughter!! Tony Joseph was happy that the students from Muscatine who went to China are back home safe!!

Rotary Board will meet on Wednesday at noon.  Remember to LIKE our Rotary Facebook page.  August is membership month...bring a potential new member!!

Program:  Pam Collins introduced Monika Challenger from the Cedar Rapids Science Center.  Today a middle school student has more technology in their back pocket than a Science Center can continue to purchase and stay current with.  Therefore, Cedar Rapids has decided to buy bigger pieces of technology as tools to help more people. They have 3 D printers and laser cutters that enable persons "Makers" to create new inventions or concepts.  Raspberry Pie is one such program that they have available for creating.

A Maker Space has been developed to enable persons to come to the Center and develop entrepreneurial items and develop skills such as perseverance.  We created a small LED light at the meeting with materials Monika brought to the meeting.  A simple magnet, an led light and some tape were the simple tools used to make a lot of light.  Kind of like Rotary's theme!!  Lighting up Rotary and the world!!