Rotary August 23, 2010

Today's program is Social Security Administration.


August 16th Guests

Kevin Jensen, Temp Associates, guest of Bob Jensen.

Jeremy Heinesch, Rotary Exchange Student from Belgium.


August 16th Announcements

Invocation made by Barb Christenson.  Songs led by Melissa Wolfe.


There was a second membership reading for Brian Chapman, Holiday Inn General Manager.  Please see a member of the board if you have any concerns about this potential member.


Tom announced that the board approved to make a donation on behalf of the Muscatine Rotary Club to FAMSCO (Fire and Medical Supply Company).  This is a District 6000 Rotary project.  To find out more about the FAMSCO project, please visit the Rotary District 6000 FAMSCO page.

Mary Wildermuth announced that we will be placing an order for Rotary Club of Muscatine Polo Shirts (as long as we get a minimum order of 25 shirts).  We can order a variety of colors and all will have the Rotary Club of Muscatine logo on them.  If you wish to see the color selection you can do so by going to the following website:    click on the male and female in white shirts where it says personalized polo shirts and you should be able to see the variety available.  If you wish to purchase a shirt, please see Mary after the meeting on Monday.

Tom announced that the Public Relations Committee will meet after the meeting on the 23rd.   Brooke Mehaffey is the chair and anyone interested is welcome to join.


Tara Proseck announced that the Community Projects Committee will also meet after the meeting on the 23rd.  Kristin McHugh-Johnson is the chair and anyone interested is welcome to join.


Polio Plus at the Ballpark netted $66 on ticket sales plus $47 dollars in donations for Tom's pitch.  The Board rounded it to $250 to donate to Rotary International Polio Plus.


Tom welcomed Jeremy Heinesch our Rotary Exchange Student from Belgium.  Jeremy presented a banner to the Muscatine Rotary Club from his home club and Tom presented Jeremy with two Muscatine Club banners, one for himself and also one for his club.


August 16th Happy News

Barb Christensen said Muscatine was well represented through the booth at the Iowa State Fair and hopes it will bring more visitors this way.

Keith Porter mentioned the guest column written by Robert Connolly from Memphis, TN telling of his experience here.  You can read it online here .


Bob Lande announced that his son, Ryan, just passed his exam to become chartered analyst.


Scott Ingstad just returned from his son's wedding to new Rotarian, Sarah Trokey!


Jeff Armstrong invited everyone to MCC for the College Science Wing open house on Friday, August 20th from 3:30 - 6:30.


Kip Fisher thought the club should know that our president just had a birthday!


Marv Krieger asked for volunteers to pick up Shirley Drake for Rotary on the first, second, and fourth Monday of the month.  Due to back problems he is unable to do this anymore.  If you would be willing to take over, please see Marv.


August 16 Program

History of Automotive Manufacturing in Iowa by Marv Krieger


Tom introduced Marv Krieger to talk about the history of the automotive industry in Iowa.  Marv shared some great stories and history about Muscatine.   He talked about the auto industry coming on strong from 1895 - 1930.  Everyone thought getting into the manufacturing of cars would make them lots of money - most went broke.  There were three groups of cars:  One of a kind, which meant only 1 was produced for 1 individual to own and use; Prototypes, which were made to attract investors; and Manufacturing Groups, which meant at least three cars needed to be built.  In this time-frame there were 45 One of a Kind vehicles produced and 17 Prototypes built.  Marv told lots of entertaining stories about Muscatine natives.  If you missed it you should ask him to share some with you sometime!


In recognition of today's presentation, the Muscatine Rotary Club will donate a children's book to the Musser Public library with Marv's name inscribed in the front of the book.