Program for Today: Housing at MCC and Oxbow Development

August 22 Invocation by: Bob Lande

President Mike Ruby shared a Rotary moment and Chinese Proverb that if you want to plan for 1 year grow rice, 10 years...plant trees but if you want to plan for 100 years invest in people. Rotary has been doing this for over 100 years... this is our 106th Anniversary.

Mike also encouraged us to start wearing our PINS... he's going to be the enforcer and start fining us for not wearing our pins...just more $$$$ for the scholarship fund!! He also told us that the Community Projects Committee will meet on August 22, 2011 for 30 minutes or so after the meeting!!

We have 2 homestays for our Exchange Student Clara...she will be with the Steve Jameson Family for the first part and with Chris and Sara Ingstad for the last 3 months... somebody is still needed for the middle months next Spring.... Thanks Steve, Sara and Chris for stepping up!!

Guests today included: Sherry King, Paula Passe, Jeff King, Haiti King, Angie Mills, Tom Kochneff, Chad Bishop, DeWayne Hopkins, Rose Mary Boesen transferring and our new Executive Director of United Way and Joe Jarosz from the Muscatine Journal.

Happy News: Harvey Allbee and his wife Joanne have just celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary!! Paul Kraushaur is happy because he brought his wife home from a brief hospital stay on their 37th Wedding Anniversary.

Barb Christensen on behalf of the Rotary Club of Muscatine presented the Charles Douglas King family with a Honorary Paul Harris Award in honor of Charles and his giving of his life for his country while in Viet Nam over 40 years ago. His family members were appreciative because the community has not previously commemorated or honored his life giving gift of self for his country.

Program: Jeff Armstrong introduced Chad Bishop from Muscatine Community College who shared a potpourri of community events that have been produced by the local collaborative of MCC and Muscatine Power and Water Cable. The video was informative of the myriad of activities that MCC is involved in helping produce through our local public access television.

In a brief question and answer time...Chad stated that MCC is available to help produce local access television by showing you how to produce a show or by taping local events. The service is free to local non profits.