Program for Today: Chad Bishop MCC and MPW Public Access Television

August 15 Invocation by: Judi Holdorf

President Mike Ruby introduced our guests: David Ivie, Maggie Curry, DeWayne Hopkins,Charla Schafer, Doyle Tubandt, Rose Mary Boesen with United Way and Richard Teegan. Mike also discussed the membership outreach this month... be sure and think about and ask someone to come with you to Rotary and invite him/her to join.

Mike also mentioned that our Italy exchange student is planning on arriving in a few weeks but still needs a homestay. You don't have to be a Rotarian to host her and it is helpful if you have teenage children with whom she could interact and live.

Happy News: Sarah Lande enjoyed Hoover Fest this past weekend and appreciated the $5 loan from fellow Rotarian Jim Stein... (she paid him back at the meeting) Judi Holdorf is proud to say that her son was written up as a leading professional in the Des Moines Register and that his job is about developing intelligent solutions...she was a happy proud mom. Mark Mather thought his news was worth $5 to tell all that Nathan our newest Rotarian and his son, is running for Muscatine School Board... you go Nathan!!

Program: David Ivie, Chair of the MCSA Board gave a broad overview of the MCSA Homeless Shelter and thanked Rotary, as well as Sister Irma and Dan Ramsey for providing such a facility to our community. Dan Ramsey's position is being filled in the interim by Maggie Curry. The Executive Director position is being rethought.

The shelter is an effort to eliminate homelessness. Services at MCSA include, money, food, shelter and medical help in the effort to eliminate generational poverty. The MCSA philosophy is charity balanced with responsibility. There are three program components: the overnight shelter in the gym, the family shelter and housing for men who pay rent. There are currently 4 women with families staying in the family shelter and there are 22 men paying rent for rooms of which there are 35.

Tom Curry works with the residents to clean the facilities. There is a computer lab, a Health and Wellness Center, a Pediatric Dental Clinic and an Eye Clinic along with the Loaves and Fishes Program. MCC also holds ESL and Citizenship Classes at the site. Recently the Family Foundation has moved into a newly renovated space.

David told us that the thing we can do is to spread the word throughout the community about the good deeds going on at MCSA.