New Meeting Location:  Wesley Family Life Center in Downtown Muscatine!!

Program for August 12, 2013: World Food Prize...Ambassador Ken Quinn

Invocation by: Scott Ingstad

Rotary Guests: Bruce Ursin and Mark LeRette

Happy News: New Grandpa Paul Kraushaar lovingly told us about his new granddaughter Logan Grace.  Charlie Lewis told us in his own way that he is celebrating his 63rd Wedding Anniversary!!  Keith thanked Chuck Moody for making a smooth transition to our new meeting home with all our Rotary Stuff!! 

Keith said Chuck found a great piece of history in the move!!  A button proudly proclaiming that "Rotary Wives are Beautiful People!"  Keith planned to share the button and the message with his wife Deb!!

Rotary Program: Chris Steinbach provided an informative update of the programming going on at MCSA.  In a snapshot 3 different shelters are provided at the center.  Family Transition, Overnight/Emergency and the Men's Dorm. Chris indicated that nightly there are about 11 persons who need sheltering in the emergency type of service.

In addition to the shelter support there are other services available including: Pediatric Dental Care, Vision Care, and Homeless Prevention.  The Dental Clinic is open on Tuesday and Thursday and is staffed with 4 dental chairs. The Vision Clinic operates 4-6 afternoons a month.  Homeless prevention's goal is to address the bottom level need of the family.  Most often the need is Education and financial planning.

Last year 370 persons received shelter with 27% being children. 

The Center also works with Zion Lutheran Church to provide Transitional Housing located at Gateway House in Muscatine.

Chris mentioned the need for Volunteers to help at the Shelter. Anyone in helping with Clerical type services should contact Chris!!  Chris is also proud of the community support for the "Adopt A Day " Program at the Center. Any individual, business or group interested in sponsoring MCSA for a day to cover the operating budget should contact Chris.  The commitment is $1500 for the one day support. Current focus is this month, of which 75% is already covered by various groups, businesses and individuals in our community.