Program for August 11, 2014:  Chris Boar and the Mark Trail Event by Keep Muscatine Beautiful

Invocation:  Chris Ingstad

Rotary Guests today were: Richard Teegan guest of Marv Kreiger. Toby McCarter, potential member and guest of Bob Sheets. Bart Showeiler, potential member and guest of Rick Gosney.

Happy News: Harvey Allbee has just moved from Colony Drive to Termini Drive!! Shane Orr is proud of the Thanksgiving in July response.David Stanley is having surgery on Friday and is happy for great medical care. Tim Nelson is happy that his son caught several big fish!! and Bill Phelan is happy that his son just opened a frozen yogurt store in Scottsdale!!

Tony told us that we still need a new Rotary Board Member, also a Chair for the Goodwill Projects is hoped for!! Our Goodwill Project for August is bringing school supplies.  Please bring school supplies to the meetings in August to show our support for students who need such in our community!!  Please remember to like our Facebook page also!!  Checkout My Rotary Website and let Tony know of your interest in purchasing Rotary Logo Shirts etc.

Program:  Bob Allbee introduced Jim Elias who gave a brief overview of the E Center located at Muscatine Community College.  Jim encouraged the entrepreneur in all of us...suggesting that we have all probably started something such as a business or an organization.  Peter Drucker is the guru of the management movement and developed the idea that creating value to the customer is the crux of business!!  That said being entrepreneurial is about taking a risk and making that action successful with passion.  Jim explained the ECenter's purpose for the community and discussed various student projects that have the entrepreneurial seed!  The E Center is there to provide resources and support in "creating new value" outcomes.