Program for April 23, 2012: 3.0 Senior Luncheon at the Clarion

Rotary Guests: Emily Smith Outbound to Spain, Bailey Blake guest of Craig Bode. Program Speakers Dr. Peterson and Teresa Swift

Rotary Moment: Tom Ward presented 4 Club Friendship Flags from Rotary Clubs he visited in New Zealand. Mike also told us we will be hosting 5 couples from British Columbia during the week of September 8th. Mike also recognized members with 10,15, 20, 25,35 and 45 years of membership. Harvey Allbee hit 45 this year!! 10 years: Bob Allbee, Bob Jensen, Jean Stanley, Mary Wildermuth, 15 years: Bob Lande, Mike McKenna, Jim Melson, 20 years: Dennis McDonald, 25 years: Barb Christensen,Sarah Lande, Karen Diercks, Caroline Levine, Cynthia Maeglin and Bev White, 35 years:Don Holt and 45 years....Harvey Allbee!!

Happy News: Rose Mary Boesen invited all to the United Way Night at the Races on April 27, 2012; Dawn Sturms Dodd was happy that the 10th Annual Fundraiser Event with Dan Gable was very successful. Mary Wildermuth was pleased that the Shell Games Booksigning was very successful. Brian Chapman told us that rumors are out there indicating the Clarion is closing..No..just the Iowa Room Restaurant..Jessica Wittman was happy that Iowa won!! Rich Dwyer invited all to Kent Corporation's Open House on April 26!!

Program for Today: Dr. Peterson from Mercy Hospital in Iowa City gave an informative program on current technology and general surgery. Most fascinating was the surgery using your belly button as the insertion point to place a camera and the medical instruments. He passed all these surgical around for us to see and touch. Amazingly small and the wave of the future. Robotic surgery allows the physician to be anywhere merely directing the robot and camera to do the surgery. He indicated that in prostate cancer surgery less blood is lost and recovery time is much faster through these new methods!! He lastly mentioned the Wound Care Center at Mercy which is available for persons with Chronic Wounds.