Program for April 15, 2013:  Andrew Fangman....Muscatine's Comprehensive Plan
Invocation: Jim Nepple

Rotary Guests:  Potential new member Dr. Nadkarni Manasi guest of Mary Odell.

Rotary News: Harvey Allbee announced to the club the Ballet Folklorico performance on Tuesday evening, April 9, 2013 at the Muscatine Center for Performing Arts at Central Middle School at 7:00 P.M.

Happy News: Keith Porter is sporting a new tie from a fellow incoming Rotarian President from South Africa..picked up by his daughter Hanna!! Steve Jameson requested club input into sponsoring the next youth exchange students. Bill Phelan is happy and enjoying his second retirement.  Mike Ruby shared Clinton Rotary's success at their Charity Auction with members selling 200 tickets at $50 each and raising well over $20,000.  Anyone wanting to contribute to the Shoe project needs to do it today so the shoes can be readied for the District Conference.  Kasey O'Kelly is Starbucks proud.  Our store set the national sales record for opening!!  Jerry Rhoads is sorry he has not had better attendance but better yet he is really proud of his new great grandchild!!

Program: Kasey and Steve from HyVee shared excitement over HyVee's 5K,10K run now planned for October 5, 2013. The "Miles for Education" run will involve the regional schools with all funds raised being given to individual school district. Participants will be able to register online at Get Me  You can send the link to a friend so that they can see race results for you.  It is intended to be a family fitness event and an opportunity to bring the community together.  It should be fun for all ages, for runners, beginning walkers and children.  The plan is get sponsorships to cover expenses.  Entrance fee will be $15 for kids and $20 for adults.  With 20 schools participating with 20 students, 10 staff and 1 parent...$18,000 would be raised.

Rotary is asked to help by volunteer at the event, registering to run or to participate in the Post Race Party.

Hyvee will have their grand reopening on JUNE 6th!