Program for April 1, 2013: Mike Edmonds

Invocation: Sarah Ingstad

Rotary Guests: Russ Vannorsdel with Fridley Theatres.  Diana Serpen, guest of Brian Chapman

Program:  Tim Nelson introduced Russ Vannorsdel as the owner of the new Palms Theatre.  Russ made a few comments in regard to the 10-plex theatre and then invited us to get in our cars and relocate to the Palms.  We entered the new movie theatre, were given 3D glasses and then walked to the large theatre.  Russ then talked about the stereo system in use, as well as demonstrating the Dolby Sound.  He then played the trailer for OZ.  It was a great experience seeing and hearing the movie as though we were a character in the movie.  Leaves flew at us, the tornado shook us and we felt like we were crashing into the choppy water of the crevices and caverns below us.  Left in suspense, many of us know we have to go back to finish the movie!!