Recap from the Oct. 16, 2023 Meeting.
Meeting Run by: President- Megan Francis
Thought of the Day: Alex Lambert
Welcome to our members participating in our meeting through Zoom: Melanie Alexander
New Member: Final Reading for potential membership for Emily Shore from Geneva. Second Reading for Robert (Bobbie) Fiedler from Musser Public Library.
Please use the Amazon wish list for Sleep in Heavenly Peace to donate supplies to further the mission to provide a bed for every child in Muscatine.
Happy News/Announcements:  All Happy News funds go towards our scholarship awards.
Sarah Lande- Sarah is delighted to return to Rotary after a summer in Canada. This week, Quad Cities River Action is hosting a 2-day conference with outstanding speakers focusing on water and air quality. November 16 and 17, The Nature Summit will be held in Des Moines, with speakers focused on how we can preserve the land around us. Taylor Thorpe-Addington braved the cold and rain and raised $1400 for Trinity Muscatine Friends during last week's Lunch for a Cause. Next Month’s Lunch for a Cause on November 8th will include 50 free meals for seniors in Muscatine. Watch for a flyer to share. Karen Cooney- Karen was asked to be a moderator for the West Liberty Mayor and City Council race. Karen and Gretchen Nollman are discussing ways Rotary and the League of Women Voters can collaborate on nonpartisan voter education. Naomi DeWinter- Naomi invites everyone to attend the Opening Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting for the new Career Advancement Center at MCC on Tuesday from 4-6 pm.
Club News:
  • REMINDER: Next Week, on Monday, October 23rd, we will meet offsite at the MCC Career Advancement Center
  • Follow the Rotary Club of Muscatine’s Facebook page, @MuscatineRotaryClub.
  • ACH forms are available for easy payment of dues.
  • The next Mobile Food Pantry distribution is Tuesday, November 14th.
  • World Polio Day will host a dinner at the QC Botanical Garden. Tickets are available online for $25. Please email Megan Francis if you plan to attend.
Alyson Beytien is a popular speaker, trainer, and consultant with 30 years of experience working with individuals with autism. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Executive Director Of Beyond Behavior ABA with ten clinics in Iowa. Alyson is the author of “Autism Everyday,” which won the 2012 Autism Society of America Literary Work of the Year. Alyson is the proud parent of 3 young men with Autism. In her spare time (is there such a thing?), she likes to read, quilt, and listen to podcasts, and she is cheerfully addicted to Diet Coke.
Beyond Behavior- 
The Center for Disease Control statistics show that 1 in 36 children will have an Autism diagnosis by age 8. 25 years ago, Autism diagnoses were 1 in 100,000 children. What is causing this increase? We know there is a genetic component, and we know vaccines are not the cause. No known reason for this increase exists, so research continues on that topic. Beyond Behavior focuses on how to help people today.
Epidemic Statistics-
  • Statistically similar in all major countries
  • Higher rates in some areas of the U.S., most likely due to access to services
  • five males to 2 females with diagnosis
  • Females are only recently given dx with a higher level of  skills; characteristics may present differently
  • No known cause; no known cure
  • Genetic base plus a “trigger’- Environment? Immune system? Evolution?
  • Average Age (Iowa is a little behind in average age of diagnosis)
    • 2-4 if language is significantly impaired and/or other characteristics present.
    • 8-10 if language is not impaired.
    • 14-17 If language is not impaired, academic skills are on target.
  • Dx made by a Developmental Pediatrician, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist in Iowa. (In 2014, legislation was introduced to allow insurance to cover the treatment for Autism when diagnosed by the medical professionals listed.)
  • University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics currently at 9-14 month wait.
Characteristics in Young Children-
  • Limited or no verbal language
  • Insistence on routine
  • “Picky” eater
  • Sensitive to sounds that others may not hear
  • Limited/no imaginative play
  • Intense interest in odd areas, parts of objects
  • Hand/finger mannerisms
  • Inability to connect communication with non-verbals
Treatment Options-
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Science of using data-driven goals and interventions to increase positive skills and decrease challenging behaviors.
    • Intensive and focused
    • Research-based; over 20 years of evidence demonstrating lifelong improvement of skills and better long-term outcomes.
    • Covered in most states by public/private insurance.
    • Not a covered service in Iowa except between ages 3-8 with a diagnosis and Medicaid
Upcoming Meetings- October 23rd- OFFSITE MCC facility tour, October 30- Rotary Foundation, November 6- Sister Cities Students, November 13- Salvation Army
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