Recap from the Sept. 25, 2023 Meeting.
Meeting Run by: President- Megan Francis
Invocation: Jessica Pfab
Welcome to our members participating in our meeting through Zoom: Dawn Sturms Dodds, Barth Donald, Jim Stein, and Melanie Alexander.
New Member: Final Reading for potential membership for Lisa Heckman from Real Estate Resource Associates, Second reading for Monica Koekhle from ServiceMaster.
Happy News/Announcements:  All Happy News funds go towards our scholarship awards.
Keith Porter- We had a great car show at MCC on Saturday. There were 77 entries, including six electric vehicles. Joey Krieger also brought an all-electric Hummer ($115,000 value). The new exhibit opened at the Art Center over the weekend. Recommend you go and see it. 
Mike Ruby: First time in 6 weeks at Rotary following a heart procedure and travels to Paris. Just got back, and he is happy to be here. Lindsey Phillips: Trinity Muscatine Foundation is hosting an evening celebrating local health care at the Merrill on Thursday, October 5th, at 5:15 pm. Reach out if you are interested. Megan Francis: Crossroads’ FestivALL on Saturday was a huge success. Thank you to MPW for assisting with a power issue leading up to the event.
Club News:  
Friends of Musser Public Library-
Bobby Fiedler, Director. Bobby’s first job at the library was to scan the Oscar Grossheim collection. Upon his work, he found a picture of his great-grandmother. Over the years, he has learned more about his family with the databases and the patrons. 
Bobby introduced the friends of the library as the people who make the library ‘our story.’ Their funding for professional development, awareness, programming, and volunteerism is crucial to the library's success. 
Xiaowen is the president of the Friends of the Musser Public Library. 
Friends is a 501c3 consisting of volunteer book lovers and library supporters. The library's mission is to raise funds to help the Musser Public Library provide creative and educational programs and resources for our patrons. The Friends funding is only used for library related projects. The Friends believe that the library is one of the most important assets in the community. The Friends were inactive for some time while the library relocated. The Friends regrouped in 2021 with a new committee.  
Kathy- PR Chair. Kathy has been involved in the Library since 2022. The summer reading program is near and dear to her heart. In 2023, the Friends helped fund ⅔ of the program costs. Celebrations include the dinosaur exhibit, a petting zoo, a foam cannon, and a cockatoo experience. Funds also covered books and supplies. Channel 5 is the Library Channel. Friends covers ½ the operating cost of Musser TV. The program started during COVID-19. Viewing continues to grow, tripling in the morning this last year and doubling in the evening. Check out Mr. Taylor’s Amplifie, Libraries Alive, and Musser Public Movies. Friends supported one large event to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the location.
Pat Grimm, MPW Retiree, discussed the membership of the Friends. Dues are $10/year for a single person and are $25/ family—a lifetime membership at $250. Membership benefits include recognizing your donation, networking, and building relationships. Other ways to get involved include volunteering for an event, becoming a committee member, or joining the steering committee.
Upcoming Meetings- October 2nd- Rotary DEI Task Force Speaker; October 9th- State of the Housing Market; October 16th- Beyond Behavior- Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Therapy Services; October 23rd- Offsite MCC facility tour
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