Recap from the Oct 24, 2022 Meeting.
Meeting Run by: President Naomi DeWinter
Invocation: Mike Wedell
Membership: Welcome new members Lucas Gantner-Salvation Army and Taylor Thorpe- Addington Place
October 24th is World Polio Day. Enjoy this World Polio Day Message from President Jennifer Jones.
Online Participation: We continue to offer a hybrid meeting each week. Members are invited to attend via zoom or watch the recorded presentation anytime they need to.
Happy News/Announcements:  All Happy News funds go towards our scholarship awards.
Diana Gradert- Diana enjoyed the buzz in the community and downtown Saturday with the guests from the American Queen in town. Lindsey Phillips- The Y Roaring 20’s Raffle is still going on. Tickets are $20 each until they are gone. Only 750 tickets will be sold. Barth Donald- 9U Muskie softball team took 3rd place in their weekend tournament. Happy to end the fall season on a great note. Barth is looking forward to some R&R travel to CA, where he is going to the 49er vs. Rams game. Go Niners. Rob Yant- Rob enjoyed a cousin’s wedding in Chicago. Rob is also excited that October 24th is a short-sleeve day. John Kuhl- John and his wife enjoyed dinner with Dan Stein, his family, and the Ukraine family staying with them.
Club News:
  • Rotary Fundraiser: Raffle for 2 Hancher Tickets from the Community Foundation and the Dick and Mary Jo Stanley Fund for The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas performance on Saturday, November 19th. We will be selling raffle tickets for an opportunity to win the tickets. Raffle Tickets are $20 each, or 6 tickets for $100. Tickets will be available until October 30th. Please get in touch with Megan Francis at or purchase tickets. The drawing will take place Monday, October 31st.
  • Meeting Change: Monday, Nov. 7th, our Rotary Club will host an evening Literacy event, from 4:30-6 pm, for kids waiting on the waiting list for Big Brother Big Sister and current Big and Little matches. The event will include dinner, crafts, and reading activities. This event will replace our regular noon meeting for the day.
  • The District Dinner will be hosted in Muscatine for the first time on Friday, October 28th. Thank you, Carolyn Levine and Diana Gradert, for volunteering for the registration table.
  • We have 2 board positions available. Please see Naomi for more information.
  • Follow the Rotary Club of Muscatine’s Facebook page, @MuscatineRotaryClub.
Mental Health First Aid- Iowa State University Extension & Outreach
Danielle Day: Human Sciences Specialists, Family Wellbeing
“Fill up your own cup so you can overflow into the lives of others.”Anonymous
Rates of anxiety and depression among U.S. adults were over 3 times higher between April 2020 and April 2021 than in 2019. This is primarily due to the pandemic, and rates remain elevated.
The body responds naturally to stress, including flight, fight, or freeze. Stress can impact each of us in different ways and without our knowledge. The body reacts in ways that can lead to serious illness if prolonged.  Know the signs to ease them early. Heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, respiration increases, muscle tension, fatigue, headache, and can lead to prolonged illness. Other behavioral signs include increased drug or alcohol use, changes in sleeping and eating habits, withdrawal, or interpersonal conflict.  Emotional stress can induce anger, fear, and anxiety.
To combat stress, employ resilience strategies. Find times for self-care, surround yourself with social support, engage in activities that give you purpose, and embrace a positive attitude.
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • 8-hour training focusing on mental health literacy and skills to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis
  • In-Person Training at Muscatine County Extension Office
    • Tuesday, November 15th, 8 am-5 pm
    • Register by scanning the QR code
    • Cost $80/person
    • Offered at no cost to those within Ag
      • Use promo code AGPRO
Meeting Recording:
Passcode: Rotary#1
Upcoming Meetings: Oct. 31 – Fellowship/Networking. Nov. 7 – 4 pm Children’s Literacy Event and meal at the Y (No noon Meeting) Nov. 21- Muscatine Ambulance Donation to Ukraine