Recap from the April 11, 2022 Meeting.
Meeting Run by President: John Kuhl
Invocation: Clint Christopher
If you are interested in getting on the list for invocation, Please reach out to Rick Gosney; at
Guests: Hilary Hanke- United Way
Welcome to the Club- Ben Nietzel
2nd Reading: Marc Hines, Barth Donald
Happy News/Announcements:  This is a reminder that Happy News funds go towards our scholarships.
Scott Ingstad- Excited Son and his wife announced they are pregnant with another daughter. Carolyn Levine- A dollar in honor of Heather Morrison, our First Rodeo Queen in the club. Frank Iliff- April 30th, National Rebuild Together Day, meet at the Rebuild Together building at 7 am. Micah- Celebrated his Birthday yesterday, 4/10.
Club News:
Community Event:
  • We would love to get a few people together for Rebuild Together Day; please talk to Frank.
Club Announcement:
  • Rotary Club of Keokuk is celebrating its 100th Anniversary on 4/29.
  • We are happy to offer a Hybrid option for meetings allowing members who cannot join us in person to take part in the meeting.  Note that the Zoom Link remains the same each week; any past email will work if you can not find the most recent email containing the link.  Please reach out to John or a board member if you have trouble signing in online.
Heart Rate Monitors Grant Update
DJ Hawkins- P.E. teacher and Football coach at the high school in Muscatine for 14 years. DJ’s wife is a guidance counselor with the High School, and they have three kids.
In 2020 our Club purchased Heart Rate monitors for the High School through a Rotary matching grant.  After research by DJ Hawkins, the Polar arm strap heart rate monitors were purchased.  The monitors are being used in Freshman PE classes and personal fitness classes.  The Heart Rate Monitors give students more opportunities to gauge their workout.  Students have learned how hard they can work out, and as their health increases, they have noticed they need to push themselves to new levels to achieve the same results.  Students are learning to self-regulate. 
Since the initial implementation of the HR Monitors, more monitors have been purchased to accommodate more classes and students. The HR monitors have also helped students understand the importance of recovery. Students want to go, go, go, so visually seeing the results of that continued work on Heart Rate helps students regulate recovery.
Upcoming Meetings: April 18th- Brian Williams-WQPT-PBS, April 25th- Joy Dobson- Junior Achievement
Missed Today’s Meeting? Enjoy the presentation reading listed below. 
Topic: Weekly Meeting
Date: Apr 11, 2022, 11:41 AM Central Time (the US and Canada)
Meeting Recording:
Access Passcode: Rotary#1
Rotary Updates:
  • No new Wild Polio cases were reported this week. 
  • What is that Polio Picture?  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative
(GPEI) is highly concerned about the unfolding effects of the current crisis in Ukraine on the country’s health system.  A functioning health system must be kept neutral and protected from all political or security issues affecting countries to ensure that people have continued access to critical and essential care.
  • UNICEF would like to thank Rotary International for its generous contributions to UNICEF’s global polio eradication efforts,
  • US$ 4,120,718 to Afghanistan to support: Social Mobilization & Communication Activities, bOPV Procurement, Operational Costs, and Technical Assistance US$ 12,616,000 to Pakistan to support: Social Mobilization & Communication Activities, Operational Costs, Technical Assistance US$ 3,532,710 to UNICEF HQ to support Global Outbreak Response Activities
  • Ukraine - Rotarians now have a unique opportunity to support the over three million refugees fleeing their homes in Ukraine due to the proximity of Rotary Clubs in and around the borders of Ukraine. All Rotarians are encouraged to donate to The Rotary Foundation's Ukraine Disaster Response Fund between now and April 30, 2022.  Donate at
  • The Rotary Foundation - recently received the highest (4 Star) rating from Charity Navigator for the 14th Consecutive year!
Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!!