Recap from the Aug 2, 2021 Meeting.
Invocation:  Frank Iliff
Visitors:  Guests of John Kuhl- Dan Nietzel and Mike Morgan.  Scholarship awardees Patton Robison, Catherine Arellano, Jenna McLaughlin, and Kristen Schlawin, and families.
Happy News/Announcements:  Naomi DeWinter: MCC was happy to have 4 volunteers represent Rotary for the Thanksgiving in July Food Sorting earlier in the morning. Rich Dwyer: Happy to have ridden and survived RAGBRAI, Rob Yant: Enjoyed a trip to Green Bay, WI for a shareholders meeting least week.  Fitz: Brother recovering from quadruple Bypass surgery.
Club Business:  Our first service project; Thanksgiving in July Community Food Drive was a huge success.  Volunteers assisted with collecting food on Friday, gathering donations at HyVee on Saturday and then sorting all of the donations for delivery on Monday morning.  Over 3400 lbs of food was delivered to Muscatine Food Pantries.
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Program:  The 4 outstanding scholarship awardees joined us and shared a little about their future plans.  Thank you to the committee that assisted in reviewing applications: Kayla Bartling, Shane Orr and Committee Chair Mike Wedell. 
Learn more about our scholarship awardees:
Jenna McLaughlin: Jenna will be attending Scott Community College school for nursing.  She started her general Ed during her time in high school.  Jenna’s dream is to work in Labor and Delivery, or some area of pediatrics.  The scholarship will assist with books and scrubs as Jenna pursues her school and takes part as a student athlete with the soccer team.
Patton Robison: Pat will be attending MCC looking to major in science or medical field.  He is looking forward to some club involvement and working a part time job.  The scholarship will help him reach these goals.
Catherine Arellano: Catherine will be going to MCC.  At this time she is leaving her major open but looking to go into to the fashion field in some way.  This scholarship and her accomplishments mean a lot of Catherine as she is the first person in her family to graduate from High School.  After MCC is looking to transfer to Iowa State.
Kristen Schlawin: Kristen will be attending the University of Iowa majoring in Marketing with a certificate in event management.  Kristen’s goal is to work for a non-profit coordinating and marketing fundraising events.  As a Senior Kristen worked with a number of non profits and participated in Senior Survivor as a fundraiser for Rebuild Together Muscatine County. Kristen wants to be involved in projects that make an impact in her community.
Reminders/Upcoming Meetings: Aug 9th- Ron Cox: Iowa Workforce
Have a Wonderful Week!