Recap from the June 28, 2021 Club Meeting.
Invocation:  Harvey Allbee
Visitors:  Margaret Stadtwald from Discover Muscatine.  Andrea Grubaugh from the Muscatine Journal.  
Happy News/Announcements:  John Kuhl was happy he made it to the meeting just in time to still be able to eat.  He also thanked the board members that came to his house last Tuesday to do some planning for the next year of Rotary.  Erika Cox was happy that last Tuesday MPW and Musco had a lighting ceremony for the water tower.  It is a great welcoming addition to Muscatine.  
Club Business:  Frank Iliff presented 3 of our members with Paul Harris Fellowship awards - Diana Gradert +2,  Craig Utley +1 and John Kuhl.  thank you.  
Program:  Our program today was Sheriff Quinn Riess - Muscatine County Sheriff's Department in a nut shell.  Quinn has been with the Sheriff's department since 1999 and was elected Sheriff in 2020.  He has served in practically every position in the department - canine handler, search and rescue diver and more.  There are about 100 people on staff at the Sheriff's Department - 25 patrols, 4 detectives,  2 work in narcotics and about 40 that work at the Muscatine County jail, etc.  They recently finished upgrades and addition to the Sheriff's facilities - big edition to their garages - which house boats, cars, equipment.  Also an addition to the evidence storage - all evidence needs to be cataloged, documented and stored for certain amounts of time.  They operate the 7th largest county jail in the state of Iowa.  The ideal amount of inmates is about 162, which will bring in about $14,000 a day in income.  Currently they have about 220 inmates.  Thank you Sheriff Quinn Riess.  
Reminders:   No meeting next week in observance of Independence Day.  July 12th meeting will be the Presidential gavel passing.  
Have a good and safe 4th of July.