We had our meeting on Zoom
Recap from the March 29, 2021 Club Meeting:
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpartick
Visitor:  Lindsey Phillips.
Happy News:  Naomi DeWinter was happy that she saw Craig Utley and he is looking forward to us having meeting in person.  Naomi was also happy that her father was on the Rotary zoom meeting with her.  Paul Fitzpatrick is happy that his daughter and grandchildren are coming for Easter.  Rick Gosney was happy that he and his wife celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and they traveled to Georgia for a trip.  Rick also thanked Jessica Wittman and John Kuhl for covering the last 2 Rotary meetings.  John Kuhl thanked Lindsey Phillips (guest) for her interest in joining our club and well as possibly becoming treasurer.  
Club Business:  The board is going to be sending a survey out to our members soon.  Topics will be in person meetings, immunizations, and extra funds donations.  Friday, April 16 from 9 to 1:00 in our service project with Rebuild Together Muscatine.  We have 7 volunteers, need about 4 more.  
Program:  Our program today was Dustin Joy - Executive Director for the National Pearl Button Museum.  Dustin was a pilot for 25 years.  He spoke to us about his colorful background in aviation and the history of pearl button in Iowa.  The museum can also host events.  The museum receives about a 1/3 of its funding from the sponsors in the history and industry center.  It also receives funds from membership and donations.  Thank you Dustin.  
Reminders:  April 5 program will be Shomy Hasan Chowdbury - Samsung Mobile's Generation 17 Young Leader.  
Have a great week.