We had our meeting on Zoom.  
Recap from the November 23, 2020 Club Meeting:
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpatrick
Visitor:  Kayla Bartling from Lutheran Living, guest of Megan Francis.  
Happy News/Announcements:  Paul Fitzpatrick was happy that he and his wife are celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary this week, congratulations!  Naomi DeWinter was happy that Allie the Alzheimer Awareness Reindeer ended up in her yard.  Megan Francis welcomed her guest Kayla Bartling.  Megan also encouraged us to send pictures to her of us wearing our Rotary masks.  Greg Bock let us know if December at Hy-Vee, if you purchase a fundraiser bag - $1.00 goes to help the Salvation Army.  Wednesday, December 9th is lunch for a cause at Sunnybrook - proceeds go to the Salvation Army.  
Club Business:  Look for an e-mail from Rick Gosney regarding our holiday fundraiser - order form.  Rebecca Paulsen is officially a new member to Rotary - welcome!  Rick had the 3rd reading for Cheryl Plank and Clint Christopher and the 1st reading for Kayla Bartling.  
Program:  Our program was Sam Paul about the Muscatine Ag Learning Center located on Lucas Street.  Sam gave us a virtual tour of the Ag Center, showing us class rooms, vet tech rooms, arena, animal stalls and more.  The Ag Center is on 70 acres of land and has crops, livestock, bees, garden plots and more - ALL maintained by students.  This the 10th year of teaching at the Ag Center.  The mission is the teach students - strong work ethics, communication skills, learn as you work, life skills, reaching goals, exposure to careers, and more.  There are 650+ students that have classes at the Ag Center - 400 from High School and about 250 from Middle School.  The Ag Center also hosts events - charity events, weddings, grad receptions, circus and more.  Thank you Sam.  
November 30th - will be a fellowship meeting.  December 7th our program will be Ned Barry - Guatemala literacy project.  
Have a good Thanksgiving!