We had our meeting on Zoom. 
Recap from the November 9, 2020 Club meeting:
Invocation:  Video created by Paul Fitzpatrick
Happy News/Announcements:    Rick Gosney reminded us that Wednesday is Veteran's Day.  Please make sure we recognize those that have served our country.  Frank Iliff is a Navy Veteran, thank you Frank.  He let us know that there are 12 regions of Rebuilding Together nationally and he has been chosen to lead Region 9.  Congratulations Frank.  Happy belated birthday to Cheryl Plank, Mike Hagerty, Melanie Alexander and Roger Lande.  
Club Business:  Greg Bock let us know that he is working on the order sheet for our holiday flower fundraiser.  Orders will be due by December 7th and will be ready around the 23rd of December.   Cheryl Plank and Clint Christopher submitted their applications to become members - this was their 1st reading.  Rebecca Paulsen had her 2nd reading.  
Program:  Our program was Cheryl Plank - Executive Director for Vision 2020.  Cheryl was born and raised in Muscatine and is one of 13 children.  Vision 2020 was created by the joint effort of Cross Roads, MCSA, Senior Resources and Muscatine Welfare Association.  Human service agencies are operating in a world of changes and uncertainty.  Vision 2020 was created to help navigate through all the changes and challenges, such as - Olmstead Act, Affordable Care Act, federal law changes, funding, and more.  For more information please contact Cheryl Plank at cplank@muscatinevision2020.org  Thank you Cheryl.  
Reminders:  Next Monday the Board will be meeting after our regular meeting - program is Greg Bock - Muscatine Salvation Army.  On November 23rd our program will be Sam Paul - Muscatine Agriculture Learning Center.  
Have a great week!