We had our Club meeting on Zoom.  
Recap from the October 12, 2020 Club Meeting:  
Invocation:  song by Paul Fitzpatrick
Guests:  Michelle Kelman from the Burlington Rotary Club.  Cheryl Plank.
Happy News/Announcements:  Paul Fitzpatrick is happy that his sister is visiting for a few days and that she moved out of California before the fires started.  Keith Porter let us know that the Muskie Band Boosters are selling band nuts in the old library building on Iowa Avenue.  John Kuhl let us know that Cheryl Plank would like to join our club.  John also let us know that Sunnybrook will be having their lunch for a cause this Wednesday and it will be supporting the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra.  Cheryl Plank let us know that Vision 2020 is looking for a CFO - see their website if you are interested.  Michelle Kelman thanked Muscatine for supporting the Alzheimer Association - we had over 100 people participate in the walk.  
Cowbell Ringing:  Rick Gosney rang the bell for Jessica Wittman - she offered to do today's program, the original program had to cancel.   Thanks Jess.  
Club Business:  There will be a board meeting today.  November 2nd is our target date to have our first in person meeting - the speaker will be Gage Kent.  We will be doing a Holiday fundraiser this year - details to come.  
Program:  Our program today was Muscatine Radiology - Breast Cancer Awareness, by Jessica Wittman, Angie VerBeke and Tricia Bedenbender.   Jessica has been at Muscatine Radiology for 11 years,  Angie 26 years and Tricia for 14 years.  It is suggested that you start having an annual screening mammogram at age 40.  Screenings are for people with no problems.  A Diagnostic is for someone that has new abnormalities or follow up.  3D Mammography detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and can detect up to 15 months faster.  1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  75% of cases do not have an immediate family history of breast cancer.  Angie, Tricia and Jess shared the process of a mammogram.  Stages of cancer - 1 - calcification, 2 - large in size, 3 - has spread to lymph nodes, 4 - has spread to other organs like liver or lungs, etc.  For more information please visit their website at www.muscatineradiology.com  Thank you Jess, Angie and Tricia.  
Reminders:  Our October 19 meeting will be a fellowship meeting.  Our October 26 will be Dr. Ellen Bluth from Iowa Workforce.
Have a great week!