We had our Club meeting on Zoom.  
Recap from the September 28, 2020 Club Meeting:
Invocation:  Greg Bock
Happy News/Announcements:  Greg Bock was happy that 460 people showed up to receive free produce on Saturday and Sunday. This represents 1000 people that benefited.   They gave away $17,000 of produce.  Jessica Wittman enjoyed United Way Day of Caring last week.  She was happy with her team.  Megan Francis thanked all Rotarians that participated in United Way Day of Caring.   Frank Iliff praised Nicole at United Way for the good job she does in organizing United Way Day of Caring.  John Kuhl has 2 people that are interested in joining our Rotary Club.  Feel free to send Megan Francis pictures of you wearing your Rotary mask and she will get it out there on facebook.  
Club Business:  We are hoping to have an in person Rotary meeting on November 2nd at the Rendezvous.  Gage Kent will be our speaker.  We may need to limit the number of people that can attend to maintain social distancing.  The meeting will also be available on Zoom.  
Program:  Our program was Kelsie Stafford - Program Supervisor at Muscatine Parks and Recreation.  Kelsie puts together youth and adult programs as well as programs with the Muscatine Aquatic Center.  Kelsie shared links for multiple sites:  fall brochure, 'scavenger hunt', 'Sending Love to Seniors', 'Snail Mail Club', 'Walking Club fall kickoff' - this is a healthy state initiative, they may need volunteers for this.  She shared with us programs that are going on now as well as past programs that have been done virtually due to COVID 19.  They are trying to cater to everyone during these challenging times.  There is a virtual recreation resource center, featuring indoor and outdoor activities.  You do not need to live in Muscatine to participate in activities.  For more information on activities log on to the Muscatine Parks and Recreation site.  Their office hours are 8:00 - 5:00.  Thank you Kelsie
Reminders:  Next week, October 5 will be a fellowship meeting.  October 12 our speaker will be Grant Harkness - Director of the Wilton Observatory.   Keep a look out for meeting details/links from Rick Gosney.