We had our meeting on Webex.  
Recap from the June 29, 2020 Club Meeting: 
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpatrick sang a unique song about us being able to meet at the Rendezvous again.  
Happy News/Announcements:  Yesterday was Paul Fitzpatrick's 69th birthday.  His family is planning to come and visit and will pitch a tent on the farm.  Megan Francis took her kids to Deep Lakes Park and Wild Cat Den and had a good time.  Naomi DeWinter let us know that Jim Hayes is retiring from Crossroads and he will be moving to Ohio - we will miss you Jim.  Naomi DeWinter let us know that 2 RYLA students invited the Rotary members to their graduation reception:  Janelle Tapia and Brian Prussman - July 5th, noon - 3:00 at Our Savior Church.  
Cowbell Ringing:  Jessica Wittman rang the bell in recognition of the very interesting year she had being our president.  
Club Business:  Mike Wedell and Jordan Lloyd were inducted into the club.  Mike Wedell was proposed by Jessica Wittman.  Mike has lived in Muscatine for 4 years and is the Business Unit Leader at Bayer.  Prior to living in Muscatine, Mike lived in the Twin Cities.  His wife is Greta and they have 2 grown girls that live in Boston and Denver.  Jordan Lloyd was proposed by Megan Francis.  Jordan lives in Illinois City and is the Marketing Director at Sunnybrook here in Muscatine.  She has a cute 13 week old labradoodle that keeps her busy.  She also has her own photography business.  
Program:  Our program was the presidential gavel passing.  Jessica Wittman shared her journey of being our president - program highlights, the traveling Rotary koozies, the 4 way test made into a children's poem mural, Covid 19 challenges and of course our 100 year celebration.   She wanted to recognize Rick Gosney suggesting we donate the funds for him to attend Rotary International (that was canceled) to food shortages here in Muscatine.  She also extended her thanks of support to all the Rotary members and offices and directors.  Paul Fitzpatrick motioned to approve the 2020-2021 officers and directors,  Harvey Allbee seconded, all ayes - approved.  Swearing in and installation of officers and directors.  Rick Gosney was virtually passed the gavel - welcoming in our President for 2020-2021.  Rick thanked Jessica for all her work over the last year, she handled planning the 100 year Anniversary celebration and the Covid 19 disruptions with grace.  Rick Gosney shared with us his focus for the next year - Engagement.  He would like to do this through more community projects, please share your thoughts and ideas.  Rick would also like to see our Rotary members more engaged by activating our committees and getting our members to join in.  Working on what it will be like when we get to meet again in person - procedures for safe manner and offering a zoom/webex option.  Rick also let us know that Jessica asked the club to donate the funds that are allocated to purchase her a gift for her presidential exit.   Thanks you Jessica and Rick.
Our next meeting will be Monday, July 6, 2020.  Keep a look out for the meeting details from our President - Rick Gosney.  
Have a good week  :)