We had our meeting on Webex.  
Recap from the June 15, 2020 Club Meeting: 
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpatrick sang an Anniversary song for all the Rotarians celebrating anniversaries.  
Happy News:  Megan Francis let us know that this week is GO Purple in recognition of National Alzheimer Association.  She also let us know that the MCSA is having their fireworks tent this year.  Megan also let us know that on July 18th Senior Resources is having their drive through BBQ at the Rendezvous.  Paul Fitzpatrick wanted to thank the support to Alzheimer Association, his brother was diagnosed a few years ago.  Jordon Lloyd let us know that Sunnybrook will be having their lunch for a cause on June 24th.  It will be drive through and support the Alzheimer Association.  Shane Orr let us know that his son Odysseus (RYLA participant) finished his first semester at Iowa and did really well.
Cowbell Ringing:   Jessica Wittman rang the bell for Megan Francis - Megan was named a "Pearl of Muscatine" in the Discover Muscatine.  
Club Business:  Erna Morain - our District Governor - joined us on our Webex meeting.  Erna thanked all of us for stepping up during everything that is going on.  Jessica Wittman, our President, is being awarded a certificate on her presidency from Rotary International, it will be mailed to her.  Jessica Wittman let us know that our meetings will continue to be at the Rendezvous through 2020-2021, when we start meeting in person.  If you would like to join the board of Rotary, please contact a board member.  There will be a board meeting after today's meeting.  
Program:  Our program was our very own Rotarian, Dr. Manasi Nadkarni - Internal Medicine Physician.  Topic Covid 19.  Dr. Manasi discussed the origin or Covid 19, as well as how it spreads, what is does to the human body, testing, tracking, proper protection, etc.  We should always be careful around sick people, wash hands, distance self, wear mask.  About 90% of the people that get infected, recover on their own without needing care from a doctor.  About 10% will require care/hospitalization due to age and/or underlying health conditions.  There are limited treatments right now, some are being trialed ex: Plasma from persons that have recovered from Covid 19.  They are optimistic that there will be a vaccine in the next year.  There have not been any new cases in Muscatine in 2 weeks.  If you want more information, Dr. Manasi recommended the following sites:  CDC website, IDPH web site and Unity Point Health website.  Thank you Dr. Manasi Nadkarni.  
Next week, June 22, we will have a fellowship meeting.  June 29 will be our next regular meeting, this will also be the gavel passing.   Keep a look out for details from our President, Jessica Wittman.  
Have a great week!  :)