We had our meeting on Webex. 
Recap from the May 18, 2020 Club Meeting; 
Invocation:  We started our meeting with Paul Fitzpatrick singing us a song. 
Cowbell Ringing:  Jessica Wittman rang the bell - praising the Salvation Army for all their hard work during these trying times. 
Happy News:  Jessica Wittman is happy that Muscatine Radiology is back to being fully staffed and helping their clients/patients. 
Club Business:  2nd reading for Jordon Lloyd.  Reminder to please take the club survey that Jessica Wittman sent out regarding location for future meetings.  A Rotary video was shared that will be shown at the high school graduation.  We are seeking a new board member, if you are interested please contact a current board member. 
Program:  Our program today was Charla Schafer from the Community Foundation of Muscatine, Shane Orr and Kim Warren from United Way of Muscatine.  Together Charla, Shane and Kim spoke on the food collaboration within Muscatine to help those in need during the COVID 19 crisis. Through the work of Community Foundation and United Way - there is $100,000 in matching dollars for donations.  The need for food, hygiene and health have taken precedence.  The process for requesting aid has been made easier - turnaround has been as quickly as 48 hours.  Since March 16th over $150,000 has been given to those in need. The MCSA and Salvation Army have worked with United Way in getting food delivered to those in need.  Kent Corp has been preparing meals in their kitchen as well.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - over 300 people are getting hot meals.  On Thursdays people are getting a bag of groceries. As this continues they will try to transition people to more permanent solutions.  A "Supply Closet" has been created to provide hygiene and cleaning supplies to people.   Kim Warren stated that many of these new processes may become the new normal.  40 + organizations have become part of the food collaboration in Muscatine - Community Foundation of Muscatine, United Way of Muscatine, Salvation Army, MCSA, Jesus Mission, Muscatine School District, Kent Corp, and many more.  By working together rather than separately, overlapping is avoided and more people are able to be helped efficiently.   Please contact the United Way or MCSA if you would like to volunteer.   Thank you everyone for you efforts to help during this time of COVID 19. 
 Please continue to check your e-mail for details on future meetings.   Our next regular Rotary meeting will be Monday, June 1st. 
There will NOT be a fellowship/social meeting next Monday as it is Memorial Day. 
Reminder - Please see Jessica Wittman's e-mail from May 13th  - survey on where to hold our meetings. 
Board meeting will follow today's club meeting. 
Have a good week!