We had our meeting on Webex.
Invocation:  We started our meeting with Paul Fitzpatrick singing us a unique birthday song.
Cowbell Ringing:  Jessica Wittman thanked Naomi DeWinter and those helping her - for all the work that they are putting into going through the scholarship applications. 
Program:  Our program was Tricia Bedenbender and Jamie Cavazos from Riverbend Tae Kwon Do.  They offer classes to people of all ages.  Jamie is a 6th degree black belt and showed us his forms/routine.  The highest black belt is 9th degree.  The belt order is White, Yellow, Orange, 2 degrees of  Green, 2 degrees of Blue, 3 degrees of Brown and 9 degrees of Black.  They also demonstrated some self defense moves as well as board breaking.  They offer classes to businesses, schools, families, and even birthday parties.  Contact Riverbend Tae Kwon Do if you have any questions.  Thank you.
Please check your e-mail for updates regarding our future meetings.   As of now our next fellowship/social Webex meeting will be May 11, 2020 - look for an e-mail from our President, Jessica Wittman.   Our next Webex official Rotary meeting will be May 18, 2020.   Of course, this is all subject to change due to COVID19.  See you all soon...…….