Program:  Fairport  Fish Hatchery with Melanie Harkness
Guests:  Roger Lande, Susan Orvis, Zoey Long and Emily Woepking
Happy News:  Sarah Lande reminded us of the importance of Martin Luther King Day. Holly Thomas Koehler noted that we have an upcoming networking event at Contrary Brewing with Mike Hagerty as guest bartender on February 6, 2020 from 5-7pm. Diana Gradert reminded us of the Thursday through Sunday - Eagles and Ivories venues.  Frank Ilff is proud to be a Rotarian for a year and he has a house he has built with Rebuilding Together for sale.  Scott Dahlke noted that the homeless numbers are way down this year during our cold spell. Mike Ruby is proud of Alan Ostergren and C.J. Ryan for their roles in the Dateline program.
Club News: Jessica is pleased that Rotary International reposted our 100th Anniversary facebook post.  Erika asked for any pictures that Rotarians have about projects. Contact Erika at  Mike Ruby reminded us of the looming deadline for the 100th Anniversary Gala.
Program:  Coach Susan Orvis provided an informative program about the MCSD Girls Basketball Program..  There are 4 Pillars of the Program: including 1. Leadership/Character, 2. Communication, 3. Team Behavior and 4. Competing to Win. Susan personally played under Vivian Stringer and has high regard for her excellent leadership,  Susan believes in direct communication which avoids conflict and enables personal accountability for team members. Susan sees team togetherness as kind of a lost art and really works to rid the team of selfishness and drama.  The team is reading"Make Your Bed" and is reporting out on individual chapters to the rest of the team.  Competing to Win is all about preparation and planning which instills confidence.  Susan tells the team to expect adversity since there will be failure..someday you will lose.  Remember Friday Night is Cake Auction Night!
No meeting on February 3.  We have the Rotary 100th Gala on February 1 and the Contrary Brewing Networking evening with special bartender, Mike Hagerty!!