Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Nov 04, 2019
Program:  Erna Morain - Rotary District Governor Visit
Recap from the October 28, 2019 Club meeting: 
Visitors:  Roger Lande was the guest of Sarah Lande.  Adam Thompson was the guest of Greg Jenkins.  John Yeomans visited us from the Iowa City noon Rotary Club. 
Happy News:  Melanie Alexander let us know of a fundraiser for Friends Organization on Tuesday from 6-9 p.m. at HyVee.  Diana Gradert brought concept drawings for the peace park with her for viewing.  Paul Fitzpatrick and his wife went to St. Paul, Minnesota and visited his daughter and grandchildren and gifted one of his grand daughters his guitar, she loved it.  Fitz also let us know that it is national Internal Medicine Day and also chocolate day and his daughters 41st birthday. 
Program:  Geoff Bissell - Director of Operations at Raymond. 
Raymond is part of Toyota.  Started out at HON, then became Prime Mover, was then bought out by a Swedish Company, was then sold to BT, and BT was bought by Toyota in early 2000's.   Raymond produces material moving equipment.  The fork trucks that are made at Muscatine's plant are all battery operated and are class 3 trucks - meaning they are walked behind or stood on.   The plant is 180,000 square feet and employees about 410 people.  In June and July they were making 135 fork trucks a day.  They have a 150-160 daily capacity.  In 2018, 31,000 fork trucks were made at the Muscatine plant.  2 summers ago the TV show "How it's made" filmed production there - Geoff shared the video with us.  Core values at Raymond are COATS:  Customer focus, Ownership, Adaptable/resourcefulness, Tenacious drive, and Strong work ethics.  Geoff shared new products that Raymond is working on.   Thank you Geoff Bissell. 
Club business:  No meeting on Monday, November 11 - Veteran's Day.  Save the date for our 100 year anniversary celebration - February 1st.  Remember we have Koozie's for sale - donation cost. 
Our next meeting will be Monday, November 4, 2019 at the Rendezvous at noon.