Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Oct 21, 2019
Program:  Joe Lily - Robert Young Center
Recap from the October 14, 2019 Club Meeting:
Visitors:  Ann Meeker, Tom Meeker, Tom Emerick, Dan Clark, Dick Maeglin, Jim Elias, Deb Iliff, Bob Miller and Roger Lande were all guests.
Happy News:  Mike Hagerty let us know of the Vintner's Dinner - Kids First Fundraiser on October 22 at Geneva Country Club.  Naomi DeWinter was happy that it is the 20th Anniversary of the Community Foundation.  Erika Cox announced that Muscatine won the Iowa water tower competition.  Erika also has save the date cards for our 100 year anniversary - February 1st.  Megan Francis said thank you to those that supported Sunnybrooks community lunch that raised around $700 last week.   
Cow Bell Ringing:  Jessica Wittman did networking at a Muscatine leadership event, where she mentioned some of her fellow Rotarians. 
Club Business:  3rd reading for potential new member John Krieger.  Erika Cox asked if anyone is interested in NAD - National Immunization Day in India, November of 2020.   
Program:  Our Program was Ann Meeker of Muscatine Downtown Investors.  Ann informed us about the World Peace Park proposal for Carver Corner - intersection of Grandview and Hershey Ave.  Ann, as well as other members in the community, is on the Peace Village Advisory Board.  Her program informed us as to why a Peace Park in Muscatine would be a good idea at Carver Corner.  The Peace Park would help to increase tourism in Muscatine.  She quoted Louis D'Amore - "Peace through tourism" and "How can peace and tourism be positive for a better world".  Peace Parks are uniquely based on the area, culture, population and history of where they are located.  Through the Peace Park, Muscatine can honor the legacy of people who have made an impact in our community, such as Maxwell Stanley, Catherine Miller, Alexander Clark to name a few.  Ann informed us that in 2017 tourist spent $8.5 billion in the state of Iowa and $65 million in Muscatine.   The Peace Park would be economic development through tourism.  Thank you Ann. 
Our next meeting will be at MCC Student Center - October 21, 2019 - noon.