Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Oct 14, 2019
Program:  Ann Meeker and the Peace Park Project
Recap from the October 7, 2019 meeting: 
Happy News:  Jessica Wittman enjoyed RENT and felt honored to see the Stanley Cafe at Hancher.  Erika Cox invited everyone to the MPW Update breakfast and also encouraged frequent voting in the Water tower contest., Megan Francis reminded us of Lunch for a Cause at Sunnybrook and enjoyed her daughter's participation in the Muskie Clinic.  Charla Schafer gave $20 in honor of the Community Foundaion's 20th Anniversary and Celebration.  Greg Bock is excited about the prospect of his Sheboygen Rotary Club partnering with our Rotary Club and for several new Salvation Army Board Members.
Cow Bell Ringing:  Jessica rang the bell for Manasi Nadkarni for her article about Breast Cancer Awareness in Discover Muscatine Newspaper.
Club Business: Missing your glasses?  Eyeglasses? Then check with Chuck at the backtable there is a pair that has been found and turned in for several weeks!!  Kim gave an overview of the current Rotary bill and billing in general. KIm hopes more Rotarians will use the automatic deduction option so that bills get paid more expeditiously.
Program: Amy Hurd with Young Life and granddaughter of Diana Gradert gave the program.  Young LIfe is active in Wilton and Durant. This Christian Outreach worldwide program is for teenagers.  The intent is to connect adults with teenagers to become followers of Christ.  The interdenominational international program mostly connects teens with adults who just want to enjoy them and love them.  Adolescents struggle with Who Am I, Do I Mattter and Do I Belong.    The Wilton Chapter has been around for over 15 years and Amy is the first paid director working with many adult volunteers in Wilton and Durant.  Young LIfe uses the following C's:  Christ, Committee, Contact, Club, Camp, Campaign and Church.  Worldwide Young LIfe has over 80,000 volunteers and 5400 staff.  
When asked what Amy would like to continue to achieve she said open a chapter in Muscatine.  Greg Bock may be interested in helping this happen in Muscatine.