Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Sep 23, 2019
Program:  Brian Stineman - Public Works Director - City of Muscatine. 
Recap from the September 16, 2019 club meeting: 
Happy News:  Jessica Wittman was happy that the IA state fans were nice at the Hawkeye/Cyclone game.  Scott Ingstad was happy the Hawks won and the Muskies also won their homecoming game.  Megan Francis was happy that her daughter was turning 7 on the 17th.  Megan also had a new nephew born on Friday the 13th.  Cruisin will be at Sunnybrook on Thursday - free to the public.   Erika Cox was happy that her daughter was in the homecoming court.  Erika also let us know that MPW streams the Muskie games for free - push the 'easy' button on your remote.  Rich Dwyer was happy to be part of the largest gift Kent has ever given to Iowa State.  Rich also enjoyed a long day of tailgating on Saturday.  Rick Gosney was happy that his middle son, Lucas, got married on the 7th,  had lots of fun being around family. 
Cow Bell Ringing:  Jessica Wittman rang the bell for Diana Gradert, Nisha Ladlee and Erika Cox for their 100 year celebration planning.   And also Mary Wildermuth for the work she is putting into on a project for the 100 year celebration. 
Program:  Our program was Greg Probst from the Iowa City a.m. Rotary Club - spoke to us about Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE).  "Building communities and bridging continents."  Greg has hosted 3 exchange students through Rotary - from Spain, Chile and Brazil.  Greg's daughter has also been a RYE student.  Building a pathway to leadership.  To be involved in RYE you need a year long dedication, patience and perseverance (they are teenagers), and school age child of your own.  Challenges of the program are:  finding students and host families, cultural differences and adapting both ways, hosting countries are becoming more selective about students -- they are looking at medical conditions, other competitive programs, trends towards short term programs, social media impact, and cost.  Host families do not need to be Rotarians.  Students that have come back are great motivators to get kids to want to be an exchange student.  Greg shared his experiences and his daughters of
RYE.  For more information go to the District 6000 website and the RYE link. 
Our next meeting will be Monday, September 23, 2019  - noon at the Rendezvous.