Program:  RYLA students share their experiences. 
Recap from the August 26, 2019 Club Meeting:
Visitors:  KC Sena was the guest of Mike Ruby.  Josh Sargent was the guest of Jessica Wittman.  David Hayes was the guest of Melanie Alexander.  Margaret Stadtwald was the guest of Mike Ruby. 
Happy News:  Erika Cox was happy about starting the school year off - her oldest is a Senior.  Alan Ostergren reminded us of the Iowa Supreme Court oral arguments at the high school Tuesday, September 10 at 7:00 pm.  Sal LoBianco delivered his youngest child to Iowa State on Sunday. 
Cow Bell Ringing:  Jessica rang the bell for Bobbie Holliday and Holly Thomas-Koehler for representing rotary with the rotary koozies at Almost Friday Fest. 
Program:  Our program was Deb Dunkhase from Rotary Club in Iowa City telling us all about Iowa MOST - Miles Of Smiles Team.  MOST was started 15 years ago with 3 doctors, Deb has been involved for the last 6 years.  It is a medical mission to Huehuetenango, Guatemala to repair cleft defects on children.  They want to make every child have hope for a successful future.  There are misconceptions in Guatemala as to why children are born with cleft defects - so children are kept hidden and not allowed to go to school.  After children's clefts are repaired they are allowed to attend school and be part of the community.  1 in 700 babies in the world are born with cleft defects.  In the last 15 years MOST has performed 700 surgeries on 500 children, they have built a school for 45 children in a remote village, donated medical equipment, started 10 libraries, and more.  Their next mission is January 23 - February 2, 2020 - 36 volunteers go - 12 are Rotarians.  To learn more go to  Thank you Deb. 
There will NOT be rotary on Monday, September 2 - Have a good Labor Day. 
Our next meeting will be Monday, September 9, 2019 at noon, at the Rendezvous.