Program:  Deb Dunkhase - Rotary Iowa MOST
Recap from the August 19, 2019 Club Meeting: 
Happy News:  Melanie Alexander was happy for the return of David Hayes exhibit at the Art Museum.  Kim Warren let us know of the Child Care Community Event on Thursday, August 29th at the MCSD Admin building at 8:30 a.m.  Megan Francis let us know of coffee with the Mayor tomorrow at 9:00 at Sunnybrook and the Cross Roads carnival is Saturday. 
Cow Bell Ringing:  Shane Orr loves to read and offers reviews on books at  Talk to Shane if you would like a recommendation for a book to read. 
Club Business:  The Board will be meeting today after our regular meeting. 
Program:  Our program today was Jean Pfeiffer - Executive Director of Muscatine Legal Services.  Jean has been with Muscatine Legal Services since 1992.  Muscatine Legal Services was started in 1971 -  is a non-profit office, governed by a board of directors and receives no federal funding.  It represents low income clients in Muscatine County with matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, foreclosure and more.  In 2018 they represented 1200 people with 384 cases.  They are funded primarily by United Way of Muscatine, Muscatine County, Muscatine Charities, Iowa Lawyer Trust Account Commission, Wilton United Way, and One Gift Program.   Thank you Jean. 
Our next meeting will be August 26, 2019 at the Rendezvous at noon.