Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Jun 24, 2019
Program:  Jessica Wittman - Rotary Convention - Hamburg, Germany
Recap from the June 17, 2019 Club Meeting: 
Visitor:  Bill Koellner - Our incoming Assistant Governor out of West Liberty Rotary Club. 
Club Business:  The Club received thank you cards from 2 of our Rotary scholarship recipients, Alex Klein and Ody Orr.  MCSA is looking for volunteers for the fireworks stand/tent.  Thanks to Dr. Manasi Nadkarni for the donation to get us where we need to be to match our grant for the trail signage and dog park benches.  Shane Orr said that he would no longer "hound" us about that.  :)
Happy NewsKaren Diercks was happy that her grand daughter was 3rd runner up for outstands team at Iowa.  Erika Cox was happy her niece's L&M softball team is ranked 3rd in state and did fantastic at the tournament last weekend.  Megan Francis' daughter attended princess camp for Little Miss Iowa competition.  Megan praised the women/mothers that work very hard at this.  Megan also let us know that Sunnybrook is having a community lunch fundraising event on June 21st.   Scott Davis let us know that Rick Gosney's surgery went well and he is recovering.  Melanie Alexander let us know that the Art Center's ice cream social is June 30th.   Holly Thomas-Koehler was happy that she ran the MPW 5k last weekend. 
Program:  Our program was Mary Pruess from WQPT - PBS for the Quad City Region.   Mary has been with WQPT for 6 years, but has worked in public broadcasting for more years than she wanted to admit.  Mary is also a member of the Moline Rotary Club.  She shared a video with us on the history of WQPT - it is celebrating 35 years.  WQPT is owned by Western Illinois University and is located in Moline, IL.  Surveys show that people put their trust in PBS and they value the public dollars spent on PBS.  Michael Carton the Director of Education at WQPT also shared some facts with us.  He has been at WQPT for 4 years and prior to that he was a 1st grade teacher.  They have a staff of 7 people.  Year to date they have given away 11,800 free books to children, held over 400 workshops for parents, teachers and kids.  PBS has a learning media database that teachers have access to and can use in their classrooms.  The Antique Roadshow is their most popular program.  Thank you Mary and Michael. 
Next Rotary Club meeting will be Monday, June 24, 2019 at the Rendezvous.