Program:  Naomi DeWinter - Rotary Scholarships
Recap from the May 20, 2019 Club Meeting: 
Happy News:  Megan Francis - Sunnybrook is having a fundraiser tonight at Boonies to support the Alzheimer's Association.  On June 8th Senior Resources is having a cookout to raise funds.  Mike Ruby shared with us the progress of his daughter's breast cancer treatments.  Harvey Allbee and his wife returned from their trip to Europe.  They attended a touching ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery.  Paul Fitzpatrick happily recognized Rotarians celebrating their birthday's today:  Charles Lewis, Dave Utley, and Charla Schafer. 
Club Business:  The Club received a thank you card from Ian Morgan, a scholarship recipient from last year. 
Program:  Today's program was Dr. Doug Dawson sharing facts about sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.  About 70% of people mismanage their sleep cycles.  We should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Adolescents need about 10 hours of sleep a night.  100 million Americans have a sleep disorder and only 5% are being treated for it.   Sleep apnea is a pause of breathing of 10 seconds or more.  Weight and family history are the main risk factors of having sleep apnea.  BMI of 30 or more is considered obese.  Lack of sleep can cause headaches, fatigue, car accidents, work related accidents, hypertension, affect cognitive function, and more.  Having sleep apnea takes 15 years off of your life.   Thank you Dr. Dawson. 
Our next meeting will be Monday, June 3rd at the Rendezvous. 
There will NOT be a meeting on the May 27th in observation of Memorial Day.