Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Oct 08, 2018
Program:  Walter Conlon - Ukraine Sister City
Invocation:  Harvey Allbee
Recap of October 1, 2018 Club Meeting: 
Guests: Chuck Swanson (our speaker) brought his family.  Roger Lande was the guest of Sarah Lande.  Jim Hayes was the guest of Mary Odell.  Hope Robins (1st reading to become a member) guest of Jim Nepple. 
Club Business:  Reminder if you would like your dues paid through ACH to fill out form and return to Kim Warren.  Offsite meeting on October 22, location to be determined.  Shane has forms if you would like to attend the Rotary Foundation Dinner.  Our goal for Imagination Library is $100 per member.  Each $100 will support 4 children being part of Imagination Library.  We need to raise $4100 to match the grant for the way finding signs and benches for the dog park.  If you would like to support, make your checks payable to Rotary of Muscatine.   
Program:  Our program was Chuck Swanson, the Director of the Hancher Auditorium.  He has been at Hancher for 33 years.  Hancher is currently in its 46th season.  This is the 3rd year that it has been it the new building.  The mission of Hancher is learning, discovery, and public engagement.  Learning:  finding ways to integrate art into studies.  Enriching students experiences at the University.  Discover:  giving the artists the ability to create new work, to explore.  Public engagement:  getting other communities involved.  For instance, the 7th grades from West Middle School in Muscatine helped create a mural at Hancher.   On October 19, 2018, the homecoming parade will take place at the University.  Mr. Swanson is trying to get costumes from the American Ballet Theatre's Whipped Cream.  The Hancher float would be of this theme.  He shared many stories from his years at Hancher, stories of the performers and supporters.  Dick and Mary Jo Stanley donated tickets through the Community Foundation that can be used for fundraisers.  Thank you Chuck Swanson. 
Next Meeting:  October 8, 2018 at the Rendezvous.