Program for June 18, 2018:   
Happy News Greg Jenkins - Asked for volunteers to be block captains for the 4th of July Parade.   Carlin Lawhead - is happy that his son graduated from University of Iowa.  Melanie Alexander announced the Ice Cream social at the Art Museum on June 27th.  Karen Diercks enjoyed watching her grand daughter at the spelling bee.  Holly Thomas - Koehler announced the Health and Safety day at Farm and Fleet and she hopes it does not rain.  Mike Hagerty planted 12 trees at the pollinator garden!  Our club goal was 70 trees and we are now at 74!!  Great job!!  Erika and Shane will be helping John Kuhl schedule the programs - please let them know if you have a suggestion. 
Visitors:  Carlos Acuna and his parents were visitors today.  Carlos will be attending RYLA.  Marilyn Smith was a guest of Keith Porter today.  Anju Ahluwania was a guest of Erika Cox today. 
Program:  Our speaker was Judi Holdorf from the Community Foundation.  The foundation is a non-profit charity that serves Muscatine and Muscatine County.   It is funded through philanthropy.  To date, the foundation has 67 endowments, 84 charitable funds, 57 MHS scholarships and 13 known bequests.  Endowments ensure a stream of money.  5% of the funds are given out annually with the goal of the fund earning more than it gives.  Many people give through their wills.  Charitable funds are special projects, more short term.  The MHS scholarships funding is managed by the Community Foundation.  The foundation also assists in awarding the scholarships.  The 13 Bequests are that the foundation has been named at beneficiary in Wills.  This will be money coming to the foundation in the future.   In 2017, $840,721 was given in grants, benefiting 192 causes.  There were $3.7 million in donations given to the Community Foundation in 2017.  There is a 25% tax credit for gifts to the foundation.  $120,150 were given out in High School scholarships - Muscatine, Wilton, West Liberty and L&M high schools.  Bob Jensen, who is one of the board members for the Community Foundation, praised Judi for the wonderful job that she has done at the foundation.  Thank you Judi for the wonderful presentation.  
Our next meeting is on June 18, 2018.