Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Jun 04, 2018
Program for June 4, 2018:  2018 Rotary Scholarship Recipients 
Invocation: Paul Fitzpatrick
Happy News Keith Porter was pleased with the great community response to "Follow the Music in honor of Dick and Mary Jo Stanley"  He thanked all Rotarians who had helped and Melanie Alexander for her great idea.  Bobbie Holliday planted 4 trees this weekend and reminded Rotarians to plant theirs before July 1, 2018. Melanie Alexander was grateful for the great support for "Follow the Music" and reminded us of the 2 new shows at the Art Center.  She asked members to complete the live 1 hour for Dick and Mary Jo Stanley for the next year campaign. Megan Francis reminded us to sign up for "Over the Edge". Naomi De Winter was pleased with "Follow the Music " and played a bit from the afternoon performance.  Kim Warren is proud to live in Muscatine and have such access to so much.  
President Erika and Membership Chair Jessica inducted:  Vicki Kaufmann and Dana Miller. Vicki's sponsor is Harvey Allbee and Dana's is Dawn Sturms Dodds.
Program:   President Erika asked the membership to vote on the 2019 slate of Officers with Shane Orr as President, Bobbie Holliday as Secretary and new board members being Holly Thomas Koehler and Megan Francis. Continuing Board Members are:  Jessica Wittman, John Kuhl, Naomi DeWinter, Kim Warren and Chuck Moody. A motion was made by Alan Ostergren and seconded by Larry Hetzler to inaugurate the above slate.  All ayes.  During the update Erika noted we have 72 members with 7 new members this year and 6 persons leaving the club and 1 Honorary member.   Erika noted that their is a revised membership form and a membership challenge to engage new members.  We will host our Rotary Scholarship recipients on June 4, 2018 and will also have 2 students attending RYLA.  Please let Bobbie Holliday know if you plant a tree so we can receive credit for 1 tree per member this year.  We will be submitting a Local Impact Grant to support the Wayfinding Signs and the Benches the Dog Park.  We plan on submitting a Global Impact Application for a Dialysis Project in India.  We may look at having a booth in Wilton for Rotary for the ending of RAGBRAI.  Sign ups are at the back table for Ditch Day which can be July 25, or 26 or August 14 or 15.   
Our next meeting is on June 4, 2018.