Posted on May 21, 2018
Program for May 21, 2018:  Club Meeting led by President Erika
Invocation: Bobbie Holliday
Happy News Guests today  were Joel Kruashaar guest of Jessica Wittman, Brenda Stineman guest of Judi Holdorf, and Roger Lande guest of Sarah Lande. Harvey Allbee attended all 5 graduations for his family members. Diana Gradert is pleased her grandson got engaged this past weekend. Megan Francis is happy that the Greenthumb Gardening Party was  a success and announced a Wi playoff between Tony Tone and Rotarian Charla Schafer!! News to her!!  Charla reminded us to participate in the Follow the Music Day on May 20, 2018 in honor of Dick and Mary Jo Stanley.  Still opportunities to help with the festivities for the day.. see Erika if you can.  Mike Ruby attended West Liberty's Fundraising Gala in collaboration with the West Liberty Fire Department and the West Liberty Rotary brought home $80,000.  Rich Dwyer had a great time at his niece's Big !0 Wisconsin Softball Tournament this weekend.  Wisconsin has won 3 in a row out of 5. Caitlyn Taylor is happy her son  is going to be 3 on Saturday!  Erika reminded us that next week we will have a Club Business Meeting, we are still working on attending the Cubs Game and Rotary Headquarters.
Program: John Kuhl introduced Bob Stone who is the Volunteer Coordinator for Survivor Services at Family Resources.  There office i s now at 801 Oregon Street.  A survivor is someone who is going the journey of healing from domestic violence, homicide or other type of violent crime.  Volunteers are needed to be responders in medical or legal advocacy roles.  Training for the responders is online and in person.  The schedule was on the tables.  Additionally, Bob was looking for individuals to help "Fill the Truck" on Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 9-Noon.  The truck will be filled with supplies needed for individuals who have survived some kind of personal trauma and are relocating.  Another program called "Engaging Males" is designed for  junior high and high school males to learn how to escape a culture of violence.  This is done through one on one mentoring, and open gym type activities.  Family Counseling is also available at the Oregon site office.