Posted by Bobbie Holliday on May 07, 2018
Program for May 7, 2018: 
Happy News Pete DeGabrielle was a visitor.  Pete is the volunteer director for Senior Resources.  Nisha Ladlee was a guest of Diana GradertKarey Hawkins was a guest from MHS along with 8 MHS students.  Megan Francis is selling tickets for Senior Resources Picnic this Saturday and also tickets for Little Miss.  Naomi DeWinter said the cast of "Curtains" at MHS did a fantastic job!  Judi Holdorf announced that she is retiring on July 20 and moving to Phoenix.  Judi has been at the Community Foundation for 10 years.  Sarah Lande was happy that their will be photos of the "Old Friends" on display at the Merrill Hotel on Friday.  And that there is going to be a book written about the "Old Friends".  Melanie Alexander invited us to an exhibit at the art center of art my Middle and High School Students.  And she also invited us to purchase tickets to "A Toast" to Dick and Mary Jo Stanley.  Caitlyn Taylor is looking forward to the "Over the Edge" fundraiser.  Sarah Lande received her Paul Harris plus 3.  She has been with Rotary for 30 years and was one of the first women to join Rotary!
Program:  Naomi DeWinter announced that we had 3.5 GPA High School Seniors among us scattered throughout the tables.  She encouraged each table to get to know the students and ask about their aspirations, and then stand and tell us about the students.  Paul Fitzpatrick told us about Kileigh Reed.  Kileigh would like to become a Dental Hygienist.  Jerry Riibe's table got to know Bryson Stogdill.  Bryson is an Eagle Scout and also in the marching band.  He is going into Aeronautic Engineering.  Harvey Allbee's table got to know Bryce Howard.  Bryce plans to be involved in golf in college and would like to become a Mechanical Engineer.  Judi Holdorf introduced us to Jack Eichelberger.  Jack is pursuing a career in the business of music.  He plans to go to the University of Iowa.  He is in the Jazz band at MHS.  Jessica Wittman's table got to know Erika Ricketts and Caitlynn Wise.  Erika is active in NHS and college for kids.  She would like to be a teach and plans to attend UNI.  Caitlynn is also active in NHS.  She would also like to be a teacher and plans to attend Mt Mercy and has a cello scholarship.  Cath Hahn introduced us to Hannah Smith and Isabella Alvarado.  Hannah is active in soccer. She plans to go to Iowa State to become a Physical Therapist.  Isabella was one of our RYLA recipients 2 years ago.  She would like to become a teacher.  We thanked all the students for coming to our meeting.