Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Apr 30, 2018
Program for April 30, 2018: MHS 3.5 Senior Recognition
Happy News: Pete DeGabriele was a visitor. Mike Ruby provided Toast of Rotary programs for members to take with them.  Charla Schafer was pleased to have Pete DeGabriele as a visitor.  Pete is the volunteer director for Senior Resources and invited participation in the Sr. Resources sponsored Pearl City Picnic on May 5th along with the Farmer's Market. Naomi DeWinter asked members to welcome the 3.5 Seniors next week by networking and sharing business cards. Larry Hetzler reminded members of the Poetry Contest sponsored by the Arts Council. Erika announced that we will have our scholarship winners selected soon. RYLA still needs volunteers and persons interested in helping at Follow the Music a Tribute to Dick and Mary Jo Stanley still have time to sign up.  The Ditch Day trip to Chicago looks like it will be happening with the date and cost to be shared soon.
Program: Mike Reyes local LULAC President and Mike Reyes, State of Iowa  Director presented information regarding the "League of United Latin American Citizens" group.  The organization's goal is to advance the economic, educational, civil rights, housing and health of members.  The group began in 1929. In 1945 they were active in helping desegregate schools in California. In the 1960's the organization worked along with the Civil Rights Movement advocating for workers' rights. In the U.S. Today there are 135,000 members with 1000 councils, 17 offices in 10 states and a scattering of technology centers.  In Iowa the organization's goals are to  improve the quality of life, lower the high school drop out rate, increase economic, housing and citizen opportunities, along with strengthening political power  Latinos make up 17.6 % of the U.S. population.  6% of Iowa's population are Latinos with 70% of those individuals being born in the U.S.