Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Apr 16, 2018
Meeting will be held at Button Factory Woodfire Grill
Program for April 16, 2018: Culinary Arts Program from MCC
Happy News: Scott Davis gave Rotary moment and reported on March Madness.  Mary Odell was the winner of the March Madness and gave the money back to the club.  Naomi DeWinter was happy about the New Beginnings Dinner.  Charla Schafer thanked the club for the participation in the New Beginnings Dinner.  Megan Francis is happy that her mom is coming and her son is turning 3 and she is going to the Toast to Rotary.  She is planning a butterfly garden at Sunny Brook.  Diana Gradert attended her great granddaughters birthday party. Harvey Albee is happy that 5 grandchildren are graduating from PhD all the way to MCC.  Rich Dwyer was part of the future ready summit which had Naomi DeWinter, Kim Warren and Muscatine High School graduate participating.  Mike Ruby thanked the 18 people that are going to attend the Toast Rotary.  Cath Hahn talked about RYLA registration still open, we have 2 applicants and rotary volunteers are wanted.  Erika Cox talked about still needing 2 board members. 
Program: Mike Hagerty is the representative of the Muscatine Pollinators Club.  He invited the club to Kids first events.  The pollinator club has 15 acres that they need to plant with natural native pollinator plants.  The reason we do not have as many pollinator plants is because of loss of fence rows and insecticides.  bumblebees are the first pollinators of the season, pollinating at 30 degrees.  They pollinate pumpkins, watermelons, tomatoes and cucumbers.   Honeybees pollinate fruit trees and clovers at around 40 degrees and concentrate on one plant at a time.  We are losing 20% of our Butterflies every year.  They had a fundraiser at Contrary Brewery and made a honey beer called - Iowa Pollinator Ale.  Mike encouraged us all to plant native plants such as purple cone flowers, bee balm, milkweed, thistle and many more.  They have been getting seeds from the Monsanto garden and Bridgestone garden.  Mike's program encouraged us all the beautify our yards as well as helping attract pollinators.