Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Apr 02, 2018
 Program for April 2, 2018: LSI Home Visitation Program with Amanda McKee
Happy News:  Scott Ingstad was able to babysit and enjoy snowball fights with his grandchildren in Waukee.  He and Kelly also got fabulous seats at the Duke and Kansas March Madness game.  It was spectacular with great seats and a chance to meet the soldier gentleman who sang the National Anthem in front of 18,000 people!!  And it was a stellar game!!  Carlin Lawhead is a very proud Dad. His son has passed his dental boards!! Erika told the club we raised $430 from the March Madness Contest!!  We will hold new member orientation for anyone who has joined this year.  Stay tuned for the upcoming date and time!!
Program: Erika provided a very informative program on her Polio Inoculation Trip to India this past month.  She met lots of nice Rotarians.  The trip was orchestrated by Howard Tours and included 12 days of touring, travel and inoculating. There were 40 participants.  The group visited the Japitu Foot Factory where over 29,00 prosthetic devices are manufactured in a year.   The cost of a foot/leg is $60 .  India has a million people who need such devices.  She also met the young engineer who developed a 3D printer hand.  A hand costs about $75.  The next stop was the St. Stephens Hospital in New Delhi.  This hospital has the last polio ward.   Today there are 6 patients who are receiving surgeries to enable them to walk.  The ages of the patients are 15-33.   Dr. Mathew Varghese is dedicated to the closing of this ward and to providing the most help to these patients to have a much improved quality of life.  Polio is a virus that invades the brain and the spinal cord.  Much has been done to annihilate this dreadful disease.  Erika showed pictures of the group providing children under 5 with the necessary droplets that would immunize them.  Children were first met in the town area and then the inoculators/Rotarians visited homes to encourage and inoculate the small children.
Erika had a great time meeting Rotarians, seeing India's sights and learning about India and it's people!!