Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Mar 05, 2018
Program for March 5, 2018: Muscatine Symphony Orchestra with Brian Dollinger, Conductor
Invocation: Harvey Allbee
Happy News: Guests today were Dana Miller guest of Dawn Sturms Dodds and potential member, Kory Shuppy, guest of Alan Ostergren and potential new member.  Naomi De Winter reminded members of the Alexander Clark Lecture Event for Tuesday evening, February 27, 2018. Mary Odell was happy that Mark had a successful heart surgery. Judi Holdorf was pleased with the online scholarship format for MHS seniors. Megan Francis invited participation in Read Across America with Sunnybrook on Friday and the special Music Therapy program upcoming. Paul Fitzpatrick is pleased that Don Timmerman had a successful hip replacement surgery. Harvey Allbee is happy to have a new minister coming to Wesley United Methodist Church/ Manasi Nadkarni is happy Mark Odell's surgery was a success. Erika invited members to download and use the Club Runner App. At your fingertips on your phone you have member and club information. Erika suggested sending Don Timmerman and Kelly Garvin emails to wish Don well and congratulate Kelly on a new job!
Shane Orr presented Paul Harris awards to Mary Odell, Sal LoBianco, Judi Holdorf and Larry Hetzler.  Mary and Judi received Honorary awards for having served as Club President.  Erika read Steven Bradford's name as a potential new member.
Program: Erika updated the membership on our yearly goals which include tracking volunteer hours, planting a tree for each member, improving the club's membership gender balance and lowering the average age of membership. She then ran through our activities for the year in alignment with the goals.  Serving at the 4th of July parade, giving over $10,450 for bikes, purchasing school safety signs,celebrating the 30 year anniversary of women in our club, planting 45 trees for Day of Caring, having a booth at HyVee to share eradication of polio, having 3.5 Seniors at Rotary, a Rotary social for new members at Da Beet's, supporting the Salvation Army, and touring the Merrill Hotel and celebrating at WineNutz our 98th club anniversary.  Erika then asked members for feedback on the club.  The 2 questions  worked on were 1) Would the town notice if Rotary disbanded and 2)Does our membership reflect the community demographics.  
For the remainder of the year in order to meet our goals we need to:  Plant 25 more trees at home or work.  Each of us are asked to do so and take a picture. Ask 1 person to come to Rotary and consider becoming a member, we have approved a media membership, the application process has been streamlined and we have developed a discounted first year membership.