Please note we are at MCC at the Student Services Building. Location  is Different Today!!
Program for December 11, 2017:  MCC Singers in the Student Services Building!
Happy News:  Guests were JoAnn Ruby, Libby Goodman, Roger Lande and potential new members Jessica Staley, guest of Jessica Wittman , Jacob Bowers guest of CaitlynRyan, Ellen Verlo, guest of Caroline Levine, and Vicki Kauffmann. Sarah Lande was happy to be a part of the Department of Cultural Affairs visit and thanked Melanie Alexander for organizing the meetings and was proud of all the great spaces and places to share. There were 19 Rotary Bell Ringers for Saturday's Salvation Army Bell Ringing Day. Melanie Alexander was happy with The DCA visit and shared Sunday with Santa and the upcoming Kids PJ Party at the Art Center. Megan Francis was pleased to enjoy Annie and Disney on Ice! Scott Ingstad enjoyed the Symphony and Bell Ringing with his granddaughter. Charla Schafer is happy about the new welding program with MCSA and MCC. Caitlyn Ryan is happily engaged!!
Program: District Governor, Mike Ruby and Muscatine Rotarian talked about membership in Rotary describing two kinds of of membership mentality ...coming to lunch and the other being about Service.  Mike asked .."You are in Rotary.. Is Rotary in YOU?" He also spoke about Community Visibility.. are we known and seen in the community? This year to Mike is about change.. Mike is working with District 6000 to:1.  Give every Rotarian a hard copy of the newsletter which he wants us to keep and share in our homes and around town. Pilot #2. is the Rotary District Convention which will rotate over 2 days April 12-14 and will be a toast to Rotary. The event will include a great networking social hour, guest speakers, displays and door prizes!
Pilot #3. is the support of the World Bicycle Relief project. All gifts will be matched prior to January 1, 2018.  A bike costs $147 and will impact at least 5 persons.  The District has purchased 654 bikes and 64 of those are from Muscatine.  Keith Porter challenged the club to be the first club to purchase 1 bike for each member.  The game was on and checks were being written to meet the needed 7 bikes!!  Mike also talked about the Rotary Foundation and the importance of  making a contribution. Mike ended by asking us to consider farming deeper than ever before!!  The Rewards will be there!!