Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Nov 27, 2017
Program for November 27, 2017:  At Kent Training Center on Oregon Street... Rich Dwyer
Happy News:  Potential new members Jennifer Stahle and Vicki Kaufmann.  Guest speakers: Lt. Tony Kies, Matt Horton and Detective Jeff DeVrieze
Surprised and saddened by the death of Dick Stanley, a moment of silence and a tribute to Dick Stanley was given by Keith Porter. Happy News: MIke Ruby has been making the rounds to all the district 6000 clubs and has just completed #55. Sal LoBianco invited everyone to the Business After Hours on November 30, was grateful of the Iowa State win and happy to survive 4 days at the National Catholic Youth Conference. Naomi De Winter enjoyed the Muscatine Symphony Concert and encouraged participation in the December 2, Rotary Red Kettle Day event. Rich Dwyer brought great news from an anonymous donor inviting a $1000 challenge match from the club for a donation to the Red Kettle Campaign. Their will be a board meeting immediately after the regular meeting today.
Program: Lt. Tony Kies provided the program on Muscatine's tactical team.  Tony was the first person to make the match for the Challenge Grant!!  Thank You, Tony!! A run down of stats was shared in regard to cocaine, meth and marijuana seizures, as well as, illegal guns. A new tactical team will begin on January 1, 2018.  An outfit for a member runs $20-30,000 annually.  Tony encouraged business persons present to avail themselves of the training offered by the police department to be better prepared in a hostage or barricade setting.  Bob Jensen attested to the fact that the training was well worth the time.  There will be 22 officers on the Tactical Team- Special Response Team. Tony went through the process of determining a plan of action using the PIE System.  Priorities of Life, Intelligence and Information. and the Environment of Life.   The new Special Response Team will be multi jurisdictional.   Training is key and includes much more practice than actual experience. Tony talked about using dogs and robots and the pros and cons of each.  The world has changed in that what use to be handled with fists now is handled with guns!!