Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Oct 09, 2017
Program for October 9, 2017: Kim Warren... Aligned Impact.. What it is and How's it going?
Happy News: Scott Davis potential new member and guest of Rick Gosney,  first reading for Jared Smith, Principal at MHS.  Erika Cox is happy to have two teen drivers in the family! and is appreciative of Paul Fitzpatrick's support in planting trees and for writing the newspaper article!! Paul Fitzpatrick enjoyed the Rotary Leadership Training and is pleased to be invited to join Writers on the Avenue. Shane Orr invited us to the Women United Luncheon and the Vintner Dinner on October 17. Kevin Jenison was pleased with the Fireball Run experience last week!! Jeremy Pickard invited us to attend the reopening of Loper Hall this Thursday. Cristian Lopez is happy to be  married for 14 years and pleased that the Salvation Army has 3 volunteers in Texas.  Erika reminded us of the hardcopy Rotary Newsletter sent to all Rotarians in the district. Check your mailbox!!  Several Rotarians will be attending the One Rotary Summit Tuesday Evening in West Liberty!
Program: John Kuhl introduced Cristian Lopez and Benny Benedict to present the Salvation Army's Disaster Emergency Program.  Benny got involved after the tornado in Washington, Illinois. His personal experience provided the impetus to become a part of the Army.  Disaster preparedness is all about relationships and preparedness!! The Salvation Army came into existence in London,England as an effort to provide, soup ,soap and salvation for the common person. There are 1275 Salvation Army Corps in the United States with the Headquarters being in London.  60 volunteers from the area have been helping out in Florida.  The Salvation Army serves all without discrimination.  Needs are identified as immediate, days,months-years.  One of the bigger roles today is the job of Donation Management and getting the appropriate donation to a site. The Salvation Army has  provided 1.2 million meals, 1.3 milion drinks and emotional spiritual care to many during the Irma and Harvey Hurricanes.  The Army trains volunteers all the time with specific one day training for initial initiation.  Cristian noted the local impact of the Salvation Army with 1,320 persons receiving food, cleaning supplies and water, as well as, spiritual care for 264 persons. There is always a need for volunteers!!