Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Sep 25, 2017
Program for September 25, 2017: Club Update Meeting
Happy News: Guests included:   Bruce Ursin guest of Naomi De Winter and Scott Davis guest of Rick Gosney and potential new member! Happy News: Megan Francis is celebrating her 5 year old's birthday, and inviting all to Sunnybrook to the Fusion Cuisine Event and to the Memory Walk at Discovery Park on October 14th.  Diana Broderson is inviting all to help with the Y's Casino Night on November 10th.  Paul Fitzpatrick is happy he got to preach in Wapello and liked the District 6000 newsletter. Shane Orr is pleased to announce the Day of Caring on Wednesday and the Kickoff of the United Way Campaign (64th year). Naomi De Winter is pleased that John Kuhl has a great program lineup planned! Caitlyn Ryan is happy to be potty training her 2 year old and reminds us of the Memory Walk also. Mike Frye is pleased his granddaughter attended homecoming and is enjoying running cross country! Bobbi Holliday discussed our Day of Caring activity by planting trees at Kent Stein Park. Erika showed us the new Rotary in Action t-shirts and announced how to purchase them.
Program: John Kuhl introduced Steve Cauley who explained the anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing of the 95  theses on the church wall. This year is the 500th anniversary of the act that began the Protestant Reformation. It was never the Old Testament Professor's intent to seperate the church.  Today there are more Lutherans in Africa than in North America and more in Asia than in Europe.  The largest Christian nation in the World is China. 500 years ago Catholics and Lutherans were killing one another over the indulgences issue.  Today we are seeking to find common ground.  There are 30 common points and 5 of the most significant are:
  • Unity vs. Division
  • Continuously transform- witness
  • Commit to seek visible unity
  • Rediscover the power of the gospel
  • Witness together proclaiming and serving the world.
Likening our current world religious experience to a 500 year garage sale ...the walls between churches are crumbling and Christians are starting to take Jesus seriously. The church use to be the focus and today Steve believes Jesus is becoming the center!! A joint prayer service was held on Sunday to commemorate the Reformation Event and to celebrate our unity!!